24 July 2014

The NEW Monaco Yacht Club - the Pool

Looking from the top deck of the new Monaco Yacht Club, we see the pool and on the car side of Port Hercule,  a cruise ship.  The yacht club is so like a cruise ship itself that sometimes it's difficult to remember it isn't!

18 July 2014

The NEW Monaco Yacht Club

We're at the new Monaco Yacht Club today.  There is a restaurant on this level and another on the highest level.  As you can see, it's built like an ocean liner. See this POST.

13 July 2014

Nice, not Monaco!

Don't panic! This isn't Monte Carlo!  It's Nice yesterday where police were out in force to prevent a 'Free Palaestine' protest from entering Avenue Jean-MĂ©decin. 

05 July 2014

The NEW Monaco Yacht Club

The new Monaco Yacht Club is finally open.  Looks like a cruise liner, doesn't it?  It had its grand opening on the 20th June with 3,000 guests including the Princely family of course. 

It was designed by the studios of leading British architect, Lord Norman Foster, in collaboration with Monaco-born architect, Alexandre Giraldi, and is the new headquarters for the Monaco Yacht Club (YCM).

It was a grey day when I took this photo, but a few days ago, I went there for lunch and the sun shone!  Next time we'll explore the building...  

28 June 2014

Colour at Larvotto Beach

Colour at Larvotto Beach.

Monte Carlo Daily Photo is undergoing a slight change.  It will now be published less often, probably a couple of times a week, hence the change of name to Monte Carlo Weekly Photo.  I need to organise my time better in order to work on my book about Gorbio. Hope my loyal and much appreciated Monte Carlo follows will understand.

22 June 2014

Art Monaco - Two Fat Ladies

Two fat ladies on the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum.  A flashback to Art Monaco and sculptures by Marina.
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