18 April 2014

The Window Cleaner ...

Reflections at the Metropole Centre.  Can you spot the window cleaner?

17 April 2014

Promenade with palms

This is the promenade that runs from Avenue Princesse Grace around the back of the Grimaldi Forum.  To our left (out of the picture) is Larvotto beach.  People run, dogs get walked, kids rollerblade along here.

16 April 2014

Monaco Grand Prix - No Pedestrian Crossing

Preparations for the Monaco Grand Prix means the road, which of course becomes the race track, has been re-surfaced - hence these school kids are walking across a pedestrian crossing that at the moment isn't!  You can see where the lines have been drawn to eventually paint in the white zebra stripes.

15 April 2014

Scene at Larvotto Beach

Perhaps the guy in the background is calling her!

14 April 2014

Lanvin boxes

Rubbish outside the Lanvin shop in Casino Square.

Aren't they nice boxes!   If I hadn't been laden with camera and bag, I'd have brought them home to use as shoe boxes (which presumably they are) or to file something.

13 April 2014


Czarina's window in the Winter Sporting.
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