31 March 2012

Pink Ribbon Monaco - Up and Away ...

Pink balloons soar up into the sky above Port Hercule. The Pink Ribbon Walk is over - a great success. All that remains is lunch...and a glass of bubbly.

29 March 2012

Pink Ribbon Monaco - the Spirit of Sisterhood

Meet Natasha Frost (she's on the left) and is one half of the incredible energy behind Pink Ribbon Monaco. The lady on the right is Perrine Guyonnet, owner of Miss Rose by Perrine and creator of amazing floral arrangements - it was she who organised the fabulous flowers along with the band of helpers you see in the photo below. She also supplied what seemed like a trillion pink balloons.

Natasha and Julia Speri-Kaukonen founded Pink Ribbon Monaco in 2011.

Natasha lived in Los Angeles during her studies and was very much aware of the Pink Ribbon movement that has been such a big part of women's lives in all major anglophone cities for nearly 30 years. The spirit of sisterhood, women supporting other women through illness, treatment and the aftermath of the illness, as well as the celebration of the lives of the victims has always touched her.

Although the Monaco health department is very active in screening and development, she felt that what was lacking is this spirit of female unity that is found elsewhere, and after Julia told her about her mother's battle with cancer, she shared with her the dream of creating Pink Ribbon Monaco. As Natasha says, 'Without Julia, it wouldn't have become a reality.' Julia was not able to be there for the inaugural walk for family reasons, but her support was felt, and Natasha says that she is very aware and grateful that without her, none of this would have been possible. 'We complete each other as she is very practical and what we call a "dooer," while I am more of a dreamer!'

Here is a bio of these two great women:

Julia Sperl-Kaukonen: Born in Vienna, Austria in 1973, Julia becomes a Monaco resident in 2002 after pursuing a successful career in finances, in New York. Sadly, Julia's mother was diagnosed with cancer but is happy to say that her mother is a survivor, having got the “all clear” in 2010. Julia is a lawyer.

Natasha Frost: Born in London, Natasha moved to the Côte d’Azur aged five, over 30 years ago, where she pursued her education in French schools till moving to the United States to attend university. In California, she read history and literature. Throughout her studies and to the present day, she frequently volunteers in various community and charitable services, such as « California Soup Kitchen » (project in downtown Los Angeles to feed the homeless), a Women’s Centre on campus (crisis centre for women) and more recently «J’accède » in Monaco, a national movement to draw attention to the public on the difficulties of access to certain areas for people with limited mobility. Breast cancer is a sensitive issue as both her aunt and grandmother were victims. Her aunt is a survivor. Natasha is a translator-interpreter.

Pink Ribbon - the Walk

Following on from yesterday's post and the start of the 10 kilometre run, these 250+ ladies immediately followed in a blaze of pink for a leisurely 3 kilometre walk. Much more my style... They simply walked along the port, through the tunnel to Fontvieille, did a circuit around and then back to the port and all in aid on Monaco's first Pink Ribbon Walk for breast cancer awareness. And then many of them went off for a champagne lunch!

You can see what a dull old day it was and boy did they brighten things up.

28 March 2012

Monaco 10 Kilometre Run - They're Off!

2,500 runners took part in the recent Monaco 10 kilometre run. And they came from 50 different countries. It's one second to the start and the really serious guys are ready to press the button on their watches.

And they are off...

27 March 2012

The 'Warm-up' Man

The Pink Ribbon Walk wasn't the only event taking place on the port a week ago. At the same time - and a far bigger event in terms of numbers of people - was the annual 10 kilometre run.

Some of you know my computer died last week and this batch of photos were lost. Yesterday one of those fabulous Genius guys at the Apple Store in Nice retrieved them from the old hard drive and put them on a memory stick - so we are back with the Pink Parade and the 10 kilometre Run.

This guy is warming up the runners and you'll see that some of the 'pink' people joined in.

26 March 2012

The Pig

It seems strange to me that a butcher would display a cute pig with a pink ribbon around its neck and expect people to order pork chops!

25 March 2012


This lady has just just served the gentleman walking out of the picture and now goes back to reading her magazine. She'll not run out of reading material in a hurry ...

This kiosk is on Boulevard des Moulins, just by the steps that lead to Eglise Saint Charles.

24 March 2012


The Chanel shop ... it's the contrasts that can make Monte Carlo so fascinating.

23 March 2012

The Ballerina

Two views of the ballerina who lights up at night, below the casino building. She was created by Marco Lodola in 1995.

Apologies that we are not continuing with the Pink Parade photos. My iMac died in a blaze of orange screen and went to iMac Heaven. It took 14 hours to transfer my files to the new machine.
The only photos not included in the back-up were the Pink Parade photos and yesterday's emails. These may (not sure) be recoverable but it'll be a week or so.

22 March 2012

Pink Ribbon Day! - the Maclaren Stroller

Who knew that Maclaren (think Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton) made a stroller? Doubtless so comfortable this young partipant at the Pink Ribbon Walk is about to fall asleep ...

21 March 2012

Pink Ribbon Day! - Pretend Champagne

Puddles from the early rain produce reflections of a little girl at the Pink Ribbon Walk.

These two beauties are sisters who were born in Monaco and make great models as they play up to the photographers. Don't you love the mini-pretend-champagne! Monte Carlo Ladies in the making!

20 March 2012

Pink Ribbon Day! - More Monte Carlo Ladies

More gorgeous Monte Carlo ladies who took part in the inaugural Pink Ribbon Walk, in aid of cancer research, in Monaco on Sunday.

How does the lady below change the settings on her camera with those fingernails! Good for her!

19 March 2012

Pink Ribbon Day!

Yesterday Monaco went pink! It was the first Monaco Pink Ribbon day - where women (and men) walk on behalf of breast cancer awareness. The organisation was great, atmosphere was fabulous, people turned up in crazy outfits and of course money was raised for this great charity.

Movingly, many people walked on behalf of a mother, a sister, a loved one lost to cancer, and pinned notices to their backs (see last photo). We'll see more of these another day.

Come back tomorrow for much more...

18 March 2012

Hediard at the Galerie du Metropole

Hediard. Luxury food on the ground floor of the Metropole Centre. Hediard opened its first shop near Chartres in 1832.

The Monte Carlo store opened in Monaco in 2010. All too tempting ...

17 March 2012

Monte Carlo Ladies

A couple of Monte Carlo ladies cross Avenue Princesse Alice near Square Beaumarchais.

16 March 2012

Reflections of a Gardener

One of Monaco's many gardeners watering around Anish Kapoor's celebrated Sky Mirror in front of the Casino.

15 March 2012

Peace in a Pool

You'll find peace and a place to reflect in all the beautiful gardens of Monaco. The Casino Gardens, of course are the busiest, especially in the centre where you find the fountains, but just walk a few yards to one side and you'll find pools like this. Look carefully and you'll see the balcony of a building reflected in the water.

14 March 2012

Cleaning the Metropole Centre

Not easy cleaning the curved ceiling above this chandelier in the Metropole Centre, especially as the area within the railings drops down to the floor below.

13 March 2012

Bonsai in the Casino Gardens

I've never noticed this bonsai in the Casino gardens before. It's quite a large bonsai, but a bonsai nevertheless. The bowl looks as if it's made and signed by an artist - next time I'll look more carefully.

Amazing root formation, don't you think?

12 March 2012

In Step

Sunshine and shadows on the steps leading down from the back of the casino building.

I seem to think I've seen exactly the same design of wrought iron railing outside the Metropole Centre but perhaps my memory is deceiving me. It often does ...

11 March 2012

Sweeping Up

Curved windows at the back of the Café de Paris make good photo opportunities.

10 March 2012


We're in Beausoleil market today - so near to Italy that it's no surprise to find signs for produce written in Italian. This is Agretti - looks like grass, doesn't it? In fact it's a tender succulent, native to the Mediterranean. It's also known as Barba di Frate (Monk's Beard) and in English, Barilla Plant, Opposite Leaved Saltwort or Russian Thistle.

Frances Mayes, author of the wonderful Bella Tuscany, wrote of this plant: 'Spinach is the closest taste, but while agretti has the mineral sharpness of spinach, it tastes livelier, full of the energy of spring.'

Remove the roots, steam for 5 minutes, and serve still slightly warm with some olive oil and lemon or prepare fettucine and mix with fresh chopped agretti, lemon and oil.

09 March 2012

Swish...for International Women's Day

Couldn't resist the swish of this lady's cape.

It's a day late, but nevertheless a photo for yesterday's International Women's Day.

08 March 2012

The Accordion Player

How's this for a beard! This lovely man was playing the accordion in Beausoleil yesterday and was happy to let me take his photo. Carlo is a member of the Scottish Dance Group of Monaco. He lives in Menton.

07 March 2012


How does she walk in those heels?

06 March 2012

Up and Down

Cypresses on the ground, cypresses on the roof - in Fontvieille.
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