30 June 2015


Showing off a tattoo ...

24 June 2015

Goodbye Winter Sporting ...

Come to Monte Carlo and take the tourist train ... and view the destruction!   This is the back of what was the beautiful art deco Winter Sporting. Almost gone now ...

21 June 2015

Music and Photography

Today is the last day of an exhibition of beautiful black and white photography at Theoule sur Mer, which is just along the coast from Monaco - a charming seaside town, with gorgeous sandy beaches and an easy way of life, quite different to Monte Carlo.   Yesterday, one of the visitors, treated everyone to a virtuoso performance of piano.  In fact, she is a flautist with the Cannes orchestra.

The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Espace Culturel, Theoule-Sur-Mer.

17 June 2015

Bus Step

Boarding the bus in Monte Carlo.  Monaco has a really good bus service.

13 June 2015

The bang of the volleyball

Volleyball on Larvotto Beach.That ball makes a helluva bang when it hits the wire netting - especially if you are standing right there and taking a photo!

08 June 2015


Larvotto Beach is not just for the rich and famous to sunbathe.  (Well, actually it's more likely to be the locals as the tourists don't always find Larvotto.) Here you can play volley-ball, there's a gym, you can waterski.  The kids in the centre of the photo are taking off on surfboards. Not sure what they are doing though as there are no waves!

05 June 2015

Cannes Film Festival - Calm down!

More from the Cannes film festival.  Looks like someone needs calming down ...

03 June 2015


Chess on la Croisette in Cannes.

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