29 August 2014

Larvotto Beach in August

Larvotto Beach in August.  Bodies, bodies.  I wonder what those two green plastic dolphins are for? (foreground left)

23 August 2014

Miami Plage

Miami Plage on Larvotto, before the lunchtime crowds.

15 August 2014

Monaco from the Bateau Bus

A fun way to see Monaco is on the Bateau Bus - the solar powered electric ferry that crosses the harbour and all it costs is 1.50 euros.  An easy and cheap way to pretend you own a super yacht!

On the day I took this (end of June) - you can see ominous clouds hung low over the la Tete du Chien (Head of the Dog) with only pinponts of sunlight on the buildings.

06 August 2014

Monaco Yacht Club - the Champagne Bar

This is the champagne bar on the top deck of the new Monaco Yacht club.   Good-looking waiter included!
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