31 October 2012


The Port of Fontvieille yesterday morning. That's the le rocher (rock) on the left - on top of which, you find the Palace, Cathedral, Oceanographic Museum etc.

30 October 2012


Look up, and chances are you'll find a chandelier in Monte Carlo.

29 October 2012


Street lamps seen through the waters of a fountain in Casino Square.

28 October 2012

Park the Rolls!

These are the guys who will park your Rolls Royce or Bugatti Veyron for you when you go to the casino.

27 October 2012

The Colours of Autumn ...

A closer view of this Art Nouveau entrance we saw the other day. Couldn't resist those rich colours and reflections ...

26 October 2012

A Wild Boar in Monaco!

A wild boar in Monaco!  Whatever next ...

25 October 2012


The check-in desk of the Hotel Metropole.  Pretty, isn't it?

24 October 2012

The Road Most Travelled

A lone policewoman stands at the entrance to Avenue de Monte Carlo which leads into Casino Square.  The road 'up' (Avenue Princesse Alice) leads to the Hôtel Hermitage

23 October 2012

Hôtel Métropole - Face Off

The Hôtel Métropole.seems to go in for faces on walls. Remember THIS one?

22 October 2012

Collywobbles at Casino Square

A wobbly Casino Square seen through Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror.

21 October 2012

Autumn at Lanvin

The Lanvin windows are always fun.  When it's time for a new window display, do you suppose a designer in Paris sends insructions to all the Lanvin shops of the world - so they are all the same?   Or perhaps each local shop, such as this one in Casino Square, does its own thing? 

20 October 2012

Hotel de Paris

There's always something going on at the Hotel de Paris - people coming, people going, posh cars, busy doormen ...

19 October 2012

The Glass Saxophonist

This guy plays his saxophone day and night in a jeweller's shop near Casino Square. 

18 October 2012

Art Nouveau?

This entrance is below the casino building, the side of which you can see lit up pink for the recent Pink Ribbon Monaco evening.   It's perhaps a private gaming area - for the high rollers.   Don't you love the wrought iron and glass canopy - Art Nouveau or in that style ...

17 October 2012

Snakes Alive at Louis Vuitton

There are rather a lot of snake-like creatures promoting one small handbag in the Louis Vuitton window.

16 October 2012

Princess Grace's Wedding Dress made of Diet Coke Cans

This sculpture based on Princess Grace's wedding dress was created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of her death.  The dress is made of thousands of pieces of aluminium, using 4,000 cans of Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke) in a unique design and intricate weave inspired by the magnificent fine lace original wedding gown.  It took over 2 years to complete.

The sculpture, by Nikos Floros, is on display in the foyer of the Hotel Metropole and is 10 feet long, 5.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall.

15 October 2012

Blonde Ambition

Crossing the Casino Gardens ...

14 October 2012


On the night the casino was lit up pink, I met Reni in the Casino Gardens. She wears wonderfully original clothes - and is obviously a character.  She immediately went into 'pose mode' when I asked to take her photo.Thanks Reni!

13 October 2012

The Hôtel Hermitage

We seem to be looking at a lot of hotels lately, don't we? No surprise because if you walk around the Casino area, which is what we've been doing, that's where the most prestigious hotels are to be found.

In 1900 the modest establishment of the Hôtel Hermitage was transformed into a luxurious residence for visitors. Its Belle Epoque dining-room was the work of Gabriel Ferrier, winner of the  Rome Prize and gold medallist at the Universal Exhibition of 1889. It boasted magnificent frescoes recalling paintings by Fragonard and Boucher. The structure of the glass roof in the Winter Garden was designed by the renowned Gustave Eiffel, father of the tower in Paris which bears his name.  Click on the link to see this glass roof which is stunning.

12 October 2012

The Dior Photographer

The Dior windows like photographers!

11 October 2012

Hôtel Métropole - Elegance

One of the elegant hallways in the Hôtel Métropole.

10 October 2012

Hôtel Métropole - Water Feature

A rather fearsome character you'll find on a wall as you approach the Hôtel Métropole.

09 October 2012

Hôtel Métropole

The outside of the Hotel Metropole where four classical sculptures await the guests.

08 October 2012

Hôtel Métropole - the Flowers

The Hotel Metropole was originally built, in the Belle Epoque style, in 1886 on land that once belonged to Pope Leo XIII.   It was restored in 2004 and is elegant and discreet - a lovely old hotel opposite the Casino Gardens.   Here we see the foyer and its absolutely beautiful flowers by Perrine.

07 October 2012

Another look at the Pink Casino

Here's a dfferent perspective on the casino lit up pink in aid of breast cancer awareness and Pink Ribbon Monaco.  This time we are looking down the length of the Casino Gardens.

There are many Australian and South African trees and shrubs in the gardens. On the right I think we are looking at a bottle brush, or is it a grevillia?

06 October 2012

A Drink before Dinner

Terrace of the Café de Paris.  20h.00.

05 October 2012

Hôtel de Paris

The Hôtel de Paris seen through the waters of one of the fountains in Casino Square.

04 October 2012

The Pink Casino!

Last night the Casino in Monte Carlo was lit up pink!

The Hotel Metropole and the Casino de Monte-Carlo joined forces with Pink Ribbon Monaco and 200 other cities and 45 countries, by showing their support to victims in this way and to promote breast cancer awareness.

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