30 November 2011

Wedding in the Sun - the Beautiful Bride

Meet the beautiful bride and she really is beautiful!

The couple waited at the steps to the church and greeted everyone before going inside for the ceremony. A different way of going about things to the UK for example.

29 November 2011

Wedding in the Sun - the Well-dressed Church...and Guest

A beautifully dressed guest enters the church. Note the beautiful flowers around the doorway.

28 November 2011

Wedding in the Sun - Carrying the Baby

More guests on their way to the wedding. I guess this is one way of carrying the baby...

27 November 2011

Wedding in the Sun - the Groom's Arrival

The guests continue to walk to the church - down the pretty sloping main street of Saint Jean.

The bridegroom arrives in a silver Porsche, bien sûr.

26 November 2011

Wedding in the Sun - the Bridesmaids

If you are reading this in a cooler climate, let's cheer you up with a sunny day and a wedding in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. In fact there were two weddings on the day I was there in September - the first was at the Mairie and I posted that wedding HERE.

The other wedding took place later in the day at the church. Here are some of the guests and two bridesmaids on their way to the event.

More tomorrow...

25 November 2011

An International Breakfast

This was taken in September but it might as well have been taken yesterday - the weather is still glorious.

This is breakfast at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - you might say an International breakfast - with the American Herald Tribune, an Italian newspaper, a French baguette and English teabags.

24 November 2011

Vistamar Restaurant & Joël Garault

Meet Joël Garault, the talented Chef at the newly refurbished Vistamar restaurant in the Hotel Hermitage. As you see the restaurant has a modern feel to it and the food is delicious, as one would expect in a Michelin One Star restaurant.

I was enjoying myself too much to take photos but in the small shot you see the goodies on offer with our coffee. We didn't have room to eat them...!

23 November 2011

No Finish Line - the Cavaliers

Apologies for an image not quite as sharp as usual but I wanted you to see these two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels walking for No Finish Line.

You can see, on the back foot of their owner, the No Finish Line tag and it is this that testifies how many kilometres have been covered. You can see that this lady takes it every bit as seriously as the runner in front of her, even if she doubtless didn't run as far.

Our last day at No Finish Line and congratulations to all the walkers, joggers and runners who raised money for charity over the 9 days.

22 November 2011

No Finish Line - Going for the Burn

Some people stroll, some jog and some, like this guy, take it very seriously. Look at his face in the smaller photo. So far as I can make out he finished 5th over all and ran for 190 kilometres. Makes me tired to even think about it. Good for him - he'll have raised a ton of money for No Finish Line and the charities.

21 November 2011

No Finish Line - the Dog too...

...and the dogs walk or run for charity too. They have a No Finish Line tag attached to their collar.

20 November 2011

No Finish Line - the Convict

You don't often see a convict, with a ball and chain, running around Port Hercule but this is No Finish Line and for that, anything can happen! No Finish Line is a charitable event where people walk, run, stroll around a circuit created at the port.

You can do as many circuits you like or as few and at any time of the day or night and it runs for 9 days. You have an electronic tag attached to your foot and for every kilometre run money goes to charity. Some people walk with friends and chat, others take it really seriously and aim to beat records. There is even a special 24 hour run for the most kilometres during that time - last year's winner ran 248 kilometres in this category.

The record for the most kilometres run by an individual over the 9 days has just been beaten and now stands at 200 ks.

For a full explanation go to the website - NO FINISH LINE - you can see the runners' times in real time. Today is the last day but I took these shots a few days ago. More tomorrow...

19 November 2011

A Boatload of Kids

I wonder if these children appreciate how privileged they are to go out on the water at Port Hercule as part of their education.

18 November 2011

November at Port Hercule - Sailing Lessons

Some of the children sail in their tiny boats alone.

17 November 2011

November at Port Hercule

You don't need a super yacht to have fun in Port Hercule.

16 November 2011

Riviera Palace - Balustrades

Our last day at the Riviera Palace and just a couple more details to show you. These balustrades are all that remain on this particular level. This is a colour you see often in the south of France.

And don't you think it interesting, in the small photo, to see the slope of the staircase and balustrades in the brickwork. Attention to detail that meant anyone walking up or down the stairs never lost the view.

Thanks to everyone who has come along on this visit with me.

15 November 2011

Riviera Palace - Through a Glass Lightly

A few last images of the inside of the magificent Riviera Palace. The main photo is taken through glass.

14 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the View from a Balcony

If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you'll see a fair amount of wear and tear, yet isn't this the prettiest place? Imagine living in one of these apartments and looking out from your balcony onto the Winter Garden.

13 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Cupola

If you want to see a part of the cupola from the outside you have to clamber up rather dodgy steps and then walk along this little path.

Each year in September, France opens up its historic buildings on their Journées du Patrimoine and often, on these days, there is no guide - as there wasn't on the day I took these photos. I'm sure if there was a guide there we'd not have been allowed to walk here - it was really quite slippery and difficult getting back down again.

12 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Apartments

The renovation of the cupola was completed in 2003, paid for by the proprietors of the apartments, the Conseil General and the town of Beausoleil. In 2004 it won a special Jury Prize awarded by the Association of Historic French Houses. The gardens are cared for by student gardeners.

In 1989 the Riviera Palace was listed as a 'Monument Historique' and the price paid for living in such a beautiful building (imagine owning one of these apartments with a balcony overlooking this Winter Garden) - is that you have a regular flow of visitors on guided tours.

11 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Winter Garden

The Winter Garden is the heart of the Riviera Palace. These photos only show a part of it - more to come!

It covers 900 square metres and is 20 metres high at the centre of the dome. The architecture of the Winter Palace is attibuted to Gustave Eiffel who built the beautiful glass dome in the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco and of course the Tour Eiffel in Paris.

More on the restoration of the Winter Garden tomorrow...

10 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Staircase Windows

These beautiful windows line the main staircase of the Riviera Palace. Is that a goose or a swan?

09 November 2011

High Seas in Monaco

We've taking a one-day break from our visit to the Riviera Palace to bring you a weather report...

There's been a massive rain amount of rain in the south of France and Monaco - really awful flooding in the Var with hundreds of people being evacuated and tragically two deaths.

Here's the beach near to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel yesterday. I snapped it looking down from the main road to Menton which is above the tennis courts.

Tomorrow: back to the Riviera Palace...

08 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Lift

This lovely old lift reminds me of those in old Paris hotels and apartment buildings.

07 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Concierge

The old Concierge's office looks unchanged since the building was opened in 1903.

Look at those beautiful old black letters - they look like an Art Nouveau design in wrought iron. (Click the small photo to enlarge).

06 November 2011

Riviera Palace - the Facade

The beautiful facade of the Riviera Palace. But look carefully (see last photo) and you'll see the plaster is crumbling and iron supports have rusted under the balconies.

This beautiful building was a hotel for the rich and famous from 1903 until the beginning of the great war in 1914 when it was used as a military hospital. It was closed in 1932/33 but in 1936 was transformed into apartments.

Tours of some parts of the building, such as the beautiful Winter Garden, are available to the public.

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