30 April 2011

Bubble Bath

It's amazing what girls will do for a bit of attention in Monte Carlo...

29 April 2011

'Cloclo' - the new Claude François film - the Extras

These actresses had to walk in front of the Casino Gardens in animated conversation. The couple in the last photo are waiting for Claude François to leave the Casino - at which point they will look across and stare at him. See yesterday's post.

28 April 2011

'Cloclo' - the new Claude François film

Monte Carlo's famous casino and square was taken over yesterday morning by a film crew who are making 'Cloclo' based on the life of Claude François.

Claude François was an incredibly popular singer in the 1960s and '70s in France. His formula for success was adapting British and American rock and roll hits for the French market. If you've never heard of him, then think of the Frank Sinatra classic 'My Way' which he co-wrote with Jacques Revaux. The song was known in France as Comme d'habitude (As Usual). Paul Anka supplied the words to My Way.

In March 1978 he's returned from a gig in Switzerland to in his Paris apartment in order to appear, the next day, on 'Les Rendez-vous du Dimanche' with TV host Michel Drucker. While standing in a filled bath, he noticed a light bulb that wasn't straight, tried to straighten it with his wet hands and was accidentally electrocuted. His tragic death at only 39 years of age brought a wave of public sympathy for a French national treasure.

The part of Claude François is played by Jérémie Rénier (seen coming out of the casino in this photo) who bears a remarkable resembles to the late singer. However, despite is pretty boy look, Francois was a tortured soul and not always the nicest of people. Well, we'll all have to see the film, won't we?

27 April 2011

Mas Provençal - Tomatoes

And if you are still hungry as you leave the restaurant you could always grab a tomato...

26 April 2011

Mas Provençal - the Dancer

If you are looking for a beautiful restaurant, where you dine in a forest of flowers, look no further. This is the Mas Provençal at the foot of Eze village.

25 April 2011

Little and Large

Sometimes you spot little gems amongst the high rises. This was taken on Boulevard Princesse Grace.

24 April 2011

Easter Candle

A candle in Monaco's cathedral. Happy Easter everyone!

23 April 2011


Luscious blooms cover a small wall in the Japanese garden.

22 April 2011

Bird's Eye View of the Japanese Gardens

This shot was really pushing the limit of my zoom lens. It's taken from the same place as yesterday's photo of the Grimaldi Forum. Today you see the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum(taken when ArtMonaco was on) and beyond it, the Japanese Gardens. Further on you see the famous tunnel that in a few short weeks will have Formula 1 drivers whizzing through at vast speeds. Roll on Monaco Grand Prix time!

21 April 2011

Bird's Eye View of the Grimaldi Forum

The Grimaldi Forum taken from high up in the Formentor building. Behind the Grimaldi Forum you can see an area of trees, which is the Japanese Garden.

20 April 2011

ArtMonaco - the Rhinoceros and the Dachshund

We're back at ArtMonaco, just for one day - in any case, it finished ages ago - but I forgot to show you the rhinoceros!

The little dog doesn't seem to be scared...

19 April 2011

The Judas Tree

A Judas tree in bloom on the terrace of the Palace. This half of the Palace has now been cleaned and painted ready for the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in July. Work continues on the other half - you can just see a glimpse of the protective covering on the far right in this shot.

18 April 2011

Clouds over the Queen Mary II

The Queen Mary II moored outside the 'digue' (floating pontoon) in Port Hercule - four days ago.

In the background is Cap Martin. If you go to Menton Daily Photo today you'll find a couple of shots of Monaco taken from Cap Martin.

17 April 2011

Toy Town

The clean-up of the Palace continues in preparation for the wedding celebrations. The real walls are masked by 'false walls' which along with the ornate uniforms of the Prince's Carabinieri give you the feeling you've arrived in toy town. All great fun!

16 April 2011

Monte Carlo Tennis

This is the most my camera will see of the Monte Carlo tennis. It's impossible to park in Monaco at the moment with the tennis and also with Top Marques, the car show. I pulled up as I drove out of Monaco at an illegal place, pushed my camera under the bars of a metal barrier and grabbed these shots. Because of the barrier I couldn't get the angle to see the centre court but you can see the spectators watching the match taking place on it. In the smaller photo you see the clubhouse on the right.

The boat, by the way, is the Queen Mary II.

15 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Perspex Nude by Anatoly Rotar

The Perspex nude by Moldovian-born artist, Anatoly Rotar. He now lives and works in the Ukraine.

14 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Helmut Grill

Helmut Grill is an artist who works in several mediums including photography in which he produces dreamlike fantastical creations.

13 April 2011

ArtMonaco - the Visitor

Some visitors dress to be noticed...

12 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Apollo is Desperately in Love

'Apollo is Desperately in Love'... by the Turkish artist, Ugur Caki.

11 April 2011

ArtMonaco - the Signature

When the painting class is finished, each child is invited to sign his work and is then photographed. This proud little boy has just signed his painting.

10 April 2011

ArtMonaco - the Painting Class

Good to see a children's painting class at ArtMonaco with all the kids evidently having a good and creative time.

09 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Waiting

'Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known'

~ Carl Sagan

08 April 2011

ArtMonaco - 'Ultime Opere' by Monica Folegatti

This sculpture is called 'Ultime Opere' Tenaria by the Italian artist Monica Folegatti and is made of terracotta and copper.

07 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Two Blondes...

There's a lot of waiting around for the gallery owners and their guests.

06 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Monteoliveto by Telque

Some backdrop, don't you think? I love the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum with the sea and Cap Martin beyond and that row of palms framing it so nicely.

This installation is by the sculptress, Telque.

05 April 2011

ArtMonaco - Running on Faith by Revati Sharma Singh

Last weekend modern art in many forms was on display at the Grimaldi Forum.

On the forecourt of the building, with palms and the sea as a backdrop, is 'Running on Faith' by Indian artist, Revati Sharma Singh. Note the detail in the last photo.

The artist writes:

'Karma is not punishment or retribution but simply an extended expression or consequence of natural acts. Karma means 'deed' or 'act' and more broadly names the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life - past, present and future. Karma is not fate, for humans act with free will creating their own destiny. According to the Vedas, if one sows goodness, one will reap goodness; if one sows evil, one will reap evil. Karma refers to the totality of our actions and their concomitant reactions in this and previous lives, all of which determines our future. The conquest of karma lies in intelligent action and dispassionate response.'

04 April 2011

For Japan

Bracelets (martenitsa) in memory of those lost in the Japanese tsunami hang on a cherry tree at the entrance to the Japanese Gardens.

03 April 2011

Summer's Here...

Looks like summer has arrived on Larvotto Beach. Hope it stays.

Reminds me of L.S.Lowry's matchstick men and women...

02 April 2011

Louis Vuitton

Don't ask me the price of the bag because I didn't ask. Actually I prefer the stand with its interesting shape and reflections.

01 April 2011

An Edgy Theme Day

The marble balustrade on the stairs that lead from the Buddha Bar down to the Fairmont Hotel - originally Loews Hotel for any the F1 fans. Sharp edges, curved edges, straight edges for today's Theme Day.

Please click here to see how others around the world have interpreted today's theme.
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