31 March 2015


Last week there was an anti-aging and cosmetic surgery conference at the Grimaldi forum.  You couldn't find a place in a car park and restaurants were full, delegates everywhere with name tags around their necks... and selfies galore.

28 March 2015

22 March 2015


Delivery to Sonia Rykiel.

15 March 2015


Elegance at Casino Square. Woof!

11 March 2015

Spring at the Note Bleue

It's spring at the Note Bleue on Larvotto Beach.

09 March 2015

Lamb shank at the Baobab

The food at the Baobab on Larvotto Beach is always freshly cooked with a menu that changes every day.

This is a 'souris d'agneau' which could be confusing as 'souris' means 'mouse' in French but when followed by 'd'agneau' then it's a 'lamb shank.'  It was served with squashed potatoes (not mashed) and gravy. Yet another of the delicious dishes served by talented chef, François.

03 March 2015

Baobab on Larvotto

The Baobab is one of my favourite restaurants in Monaco.  You'll eat great fresh food (the menu changes daily) cooked by chef François, who - by the way - is a superb photographer. 

There's not much wrong in life when you are sitting in the sunshine, overlooking Larvotto beach, drinking wine and eating lunch at the Baobab.

And it's not just the beach that is good-looking. Here are two of the beautiful servers. Meet Sonia on the left, and Vaitiare on the right (that's a Tahitian name, by the way).  Thanks for the photo, girls! x

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