31 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Lessons in Life

Sometimes you have to push someone else's world as well as your own ...

30 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - the Bubble

Wish they had these bubbles for adults ...

29 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - the Diving Santa

The Christmas Fair on Port Hercule in Monaco is great fun. Christmas Fairs continue into January so the kids have something to do during their holidays but this fair seems to attract as many grown-up kids as small ones.

Father Christmas is shown in many forms - in the main photo, he's a deep-sea diver and in the other photos he dangles from a tree skimpily dressed as Tarzan.

28 December 2012

Verticals at Chanel

Verticals at the Chanel boutique. ... not sure Madame Chanel would have approved of the brevity of the dummy's undergarment ...

27 December 2012


Dusk on the terraces below the casino.

26 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Art Deco

Glass balls hang from the Art Deco canopy above the casino entrance.  Click on the link to see them from another angle.

25 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Reflections in a Bauble

A world in a Christmas bauble.  The Hotel de Paris and the Winter Sporting in Casino Square reflected in a shiny Chistmas ornament.

Happy Christmas, everyone!  May you all have the happiest of days with those you love. 

24 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - 'Be Green'

The photo was taken from the entrance to the Winter Sporting, showing not only the casino and the Christmass trees, but also some of Monte Carlo's beautiful street lamps.

The Christmas decorations, which will remain in place until 6 January 2013, are comprised of 80 Christmas trees, up to 9 metres high and sprinkled with snow; 13 metallic, garlanded Christmas trees, the tallest of which is 10 metres high; 2,500 Christmas baubles; 600 starflash lights; 400 LED garlands; 150 m of gold garlands; 100 strings of silver balls; 700 m2 of white wadding and 46 spotlights. Faithful to its "Be Green" environmentally friendly label and its social commitment, the Groupe Monte-Carlo SBM has ensured that all these decorations are as environmentally responsible as possible. The Christmas trees are from sustainable, regulated farming and the LED lighting system is energy saving. The Christmas baubles are from the Ary-France Centre, which employs people with disabilities.

23 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Gift-wrapped

Look what Father Christmas brought me!  Only kidding ...

This gift-wrapped little car sits outside a fashion boutique called Pretty You.  I'm not sure though how anyone drives it - look at the steering wheel - and what happens when it rains?

22 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Akris

Another Monte Carlo Christmas window. This is the Akris boutique.

21 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - the Casino

A slightly longer shot of the casino with the Hotel de Paris on the right. You can just glimpse the sea through the gap.  And the Christmas trees we saw the other day are showing through the waters of the fountain.

20 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - the Palm Trees

Even the palm trees are dressed up for Christmas ...

19 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Chanel

More Christmas windows in Monte Carlo - the Chanel shop.

18 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Colour!

Today we are looking at the Casino in casino square.  The Christmas trees continually change colour and Christmas music is played non-stop.  The Hotel de Paris that we saw yesterday is off to the right.

17 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Snow!

... and you thought we didn't have snow in Monte Carlo!  This is casino square with the Hotel de Paris in the background. 

16 December 2012

Group Paddle on Larvotto Beach

It's been raining here for days - cold, misty, not 'naice' - and then suddenly yesterday morning, it all went away.  The glorious sun appeared again and life was back to normal on the French Riviera and Monaco.

And these people decided to go for a group paddle on a deserted Larvotto Beach.

15 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Park Palace

It's Monte Carlo, after all, so naturally a red carpet awaits - at the Park Palace.

14 December 2012

A Monte Carlo Christmas - Casino Entrance

A curtain of silver balls decorates the entrance to the Casino.

13 December 2012

Miu Miu in Monte Carlo

There's now a Miu Miu shop in Monte Carlo. It's on Avenue des Beaux-Arts off Casino Square. Luscious windows with Bulgari (opposite) reflected in the glass.

12 December 2012

Reine Mariana at Sunset

Queen Mariana enjoying last night's gentle sunset in Monaco.  She stands below the Casino and was sculpted in 2004 by Manolo Valdés, the well-known Spanish artist who lives in New York.

11 December 2012

Kermesse - Video Star

Watching you, watching me ...

10 December 2012

Kermesse - Rummage

Nothing a good ol' rummage for a bargain at the Kermesse - even if you are a Monte Carlo lady ...

09 December 2012

Kermesse - the Snack Bar Crowd

All the people running the snack bar are volunteers - well, everyone who does anything at the Kermesse is a volunteer.  Here they pose for a photo before the crowds come in and the long day begins.

08 December 2012

Kermesse - Serving the Paella

This lady was very much in charge of serving the paella - it cost 10 euros and you got it in a plastic dish, with a plastic fork, and I can tell you it was delicious!   The queue went on and on ...

07 December 2012

Kermesse - Cooking the Paella

The paella served at the Kermesse is delicious!  No doubt either that it is freshly cooked.

06 December 2012

Kermesse - Let's go Shopping

The doors have opened, the crowd pours in - 'Let's go shopping ...'

05 December 2012

Kermesse - Scary Santa Claus

Sometimes, if you are very very small, it's scary to meet Santa Claus ...

04 December 2012

Kermesse - Fifty Shades ...

The highest forms of literature were to be found on the English bookstall. Perhaps these should be in the Self-Help section ...

03 December 2012

Kermesse - the Book Stall

One of the most popular stands amongst the Brits is the bookstall.  There are always thousands of books for sale at reasonable prices and all going to charity.  There's a French bookstall too, of course.

And if you have volunteered your time to work at the stall, why not wear a pair of heart-shaped British flags on your head!   Isn't she wonderful! 

02 December 2012

Kermesse - the Soft Toys

This is the 43rd year of the Kermesse (which translates as church or charity bazaar).

From small beginnings by the British community at Saint Paul's, Monaco's Anglican Church, it is now a massive event raising an enormous amount of money for charity. It involves many churches and charities, hundreds of volunteers, thousands of visitors and takes place in the circus tent in Fontvieille.

This young girl is working at the stall that sells nothing but soft toys.
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