31 August 2013

The Other Harbour

Early morning reflections in the port of Fontvieille.

30 August 2013


Another photo of the beautiful Japanese Gardens on Avenue Princesse Grace.  If you are stressed - and who isn't? - it's a good place to go and sit and stare at the water ...

29 August 2013

The Clean-Up Vehicle

Pretty dapper van used for cleaning Monaco, don't you think? And for sure this will be an electrical vehicle as most public vehicles in Monaco are electric. Looks like it's smiling ...

28 August 2013

Escalator Beauty

A beautiful Monte Carlo lady leaving the Metropole shopping centre. She's about to get on the escalator which leads up to the Casino Gardens.

27 August 2013


This is Slipstream, a 60 metre yacht with 6 state rooms. It accommodates 12 guests and 14 crew. Slipstream is the yacht that Simon Cowell charters when he fancies a holiday in the south of France. The smaller boat is probably hoping for a glimpse of him ... or one of his ladies. I snapped this at Golfe Bleue at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

In the last photo, you see the yacht set against the backdrop of Monaco but it was late afternoon and I was shooting into the sun.

26 August 2013


The rocky coast of Cap d'Ail.

25 August 2013

Upside Down

Reflection in the pool near the entrance to the Grimaldi Forum and the Japanese Gardens.  The reflection is of apartments along Avenue Princesse Grace.

24 August 2013

The Weird Bicycle

Cap d'Ail

Isn't this the weirdest bike!  The photos aren't anything to write home about but I wanted to show you the bike regardless.  I can't imagine balancing on a bike in this position - can you? 

23 August 2013

Arman's Motophant

Arman's Motophant stands on a high plinth in the Chemin des Sculptures, near the circus tent, in Fontvieille. Isn't it absolutely perfectly named?  Vroom Vroom ...

It was created in 1988 by Arman (Armand Pierre Fernandez) an American, who was born in Nice in 1928 and died in 2005.

22 August 2013

Morning has Broken ...

It's going to be a glorious day!

21 August 2013

One for the Girls

Let's have a nice male body to look at today.  In fact, it's a photo I took in May when the Grand Prix was being dismantled.

20 August 2013


This superyacht Amadeus is owned by French industrialist and art collector, Bernard Arnault.  Bernard Arnault is France's richest person and not long ago said he would take Belgian citizenship to avoid the very high French taxes but there was such an outcry he changed his mind! He's the chairman and CEO of the French conglomerate LVMH, the largest luxury-products company in the world - Louis Vuitton and so on.

Amadeus was built  in 1969 as a research vessel and was converted to a superyacht in 2007. She has an icebreaker hull.

19 August 2013

Beach Prices at Larvotto

Neptune Plage. This is what a day on Larvotto Beach will cost you.

18 August 2013


This triathlon athlete is running along the promenade above Larvotto Beach, around this pool and fountain and back again. 

17 August 2013

Symphony in Brown

Symphony in brown ...

16 August 2013


The railings of apartment balconies reflected in the pool of the Japanese Garden.  Note the white fish.

15 August 2013

Contre-jour on Larvotto Beach

Taken against the sun on Larvotto Beach. That's the edge of the jelly-fish net in the foreground.

14 August 2013

Picasso in Monaco

Picasso at the Grimaldi Forum.

13 August 2013

Sharing his Cloak

We are in the beautiful neo-classical church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption in Eze village.  The church was reconstructed between 1764 and 1778 after the original fell into ruin. It was classified as a National Monument of France in 1984.

Here, under an archway, is this golden portrait of Saint Martin sharing his cloak.

12 August 2013

Dry Garden

I'm not sure if those bamboo poles are a work of art or a dry garden - perhaps both?   Today we are on the enormous pontoon in Port Hercule - this is where those massive cruise ships tie up and this strangely shaped building houses the lifts, offices and access to parking.

11 August 2013

Fun for Hire

These fun little cars are available for hire outside Stars 'n' Bars on the port of Monaco. Aren't they great and perfect for visitors! You see them whizzing about the Principality - and so easy to park!

10 August 2013

Black Hat

A black hat for the lady who serves in this bar in Monaco's market.

09 August 2013


It's painstaking work keeping Monaco's beautiful gaff cutter, Tuiga, in great condition.  She celebrated her 100th birthday in 2009 and is the flagship of the Monaco Yacht Club.

She was originally comissioned by the Duke de Medinacelli, a close friend of the King of Spain, Alphonse XIII.  Tuiga has known ten owners in 100 years.

In 1995, seduced by the slender lines of this yacht – regarded by Eric Tabarly as 'one of the world’s most beautiful yachts.' - H.S.H. Prince Albert II expressed his desire to own her, benefiting from the support of the 'Tuiga Committee.'

08 August 2013

A Mirrored Rolls

Walking through the Park Palace shopping complex it's fun to photograph the mirrored pillars and whatever they reflect. 

So we have a Rolls Royce and a sports car (at that time on display) and a lady walking past the flower shop.

07 August 2013

Light, Shade and Calm

Everywhere you look in the Japanese Garden, you'll find perfect vistas, reflections, light, shade and calm.

06 August 2013

Fractured Stone

More reflections from the Japanese Garden. Today: fractured stone.

05 August 2013

The Reflection of Life

François Truffaut said:

 'I have always preferred the reflection of life to life itself.'

04 August 2013

Le Tour Odeon

Well, it's hardly the most exciting photo in the world, is it?  But if you don't live in Monaco, or nearby, meet the Tour Odeon (Odeon Tower).

From Wikipedia:

Le Tour Odéon is a double-skyscraper currently being built in the Principality of Monaco. It's the first high-rise in the city-state to be built since the 1980s.  At 170 meters high, Tour Odeon will be the second tallest building on Europe's Mediterranean coast, after Gran Hotel Bali (186m) in Benidorm, Spain. Had Tour Odeon been built in neighboring France, it would be among that country's 10 highest buildings. It will be the 199th tallest building in the world - by floor count - upon its finish date.
Building Height : 170 meters, 50 floors.

259 residences, including 73 for-sale private luxury residences (including 2 Sky Duplex apartments of 1,200 m² each and 1 Sky Penthouse of 3,300 m² over 5 floors).

10 subterranean levels with 543 parking spaces.

Retail shops, offices and business centre. Wellness center including spa, a fitness center and a swimming pool.

Both the building's architecture and the shadows it casts on the cityscape have been criticized since the beginning of the project. In particular, residents of the adjacent French twon of Beausoleil have criticized the building for blocking the views and above all diminishing real estate values. An association was created, and the mayor called for discussions between French and Monegasque authorities.  After a construction incident, some locals attributed the tower the nickname 'Odious Tower' The project continued as planned.

Click on THIS LINK to read a Daily Mail piece about the  £250 million penthouse, the most expensive penthouse in the world! 

03 August 2013

Getting the Lowdown ...

A view of the sea through the railings that are part of the wall overlooking Larvotto Beach.  That's the handrail running along the top.

02 August 2013

Flower Lady

The flower lady at near Beausoleil market waits patiently ...

01 August 2013

Courgette Flowers

Courgettes flowers. ( Zucchini in America). The smaller photos (posted a week ago) shows where them in context - the market of Beausoleil.

They are normally served as beignets (fritters) or stuffed and baked. And they are delicious!
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