24 November 2015

Sunset at the Coulée Verte

The 'coulée verte' (green corridor) in Nice is a dream for photographers.  Here it is at sunset.

02 November 2015

Steve McCurry in Monaco

Only 9 days left to visit the fabulous Steve McCurry exhibition in Monaco.  What an amazing photographer he is! You'll find 100 photographs here, including his famous 'Afghan Girl.'

He writes: My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.'

You'll find the exhibition at Salle d'Exposition Quai Antoine 1er, Monaco till 11th November. 13h - 19h. Closed Mondays.

01 November 2015

Coulée Verte, Nice

The kids have such fun at the Coulée Verte in Nice - and so do the photographers who love the water and steam and light and shadows!
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