31 May 2011

La Turbie

Let's leave the chaos of the Grand Prix for a few days and pop up to La Turbie, the charming medievale village above Monaco. La Turbie is best known for its extraordinary Trophée des Alpes, a sixth-century monument to the power of Rome but more of that another time...

So often, people think of La Turbie simply as an exit off the autoroute - the one between the Monaco and Menton exits. As you can see, it's so much more than that...

30 May 2011

La Rose des Vents

Looks like pretty girls with great legs work at La Rose des Vents restaurant on Larvotto.

29 May 2011

28 May 2011

Through the Rigging...

The port is a long way from the Casino yet look up, through the rigging of a yacht - a zoom lens helps - and there it is.

27 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - Opting Out

Of course, if you are fed up with the Grand Prix crowds and the noise you could always lie back and enjoy the sunshine on Larvotto Beach.

I'm not going to the Grand Prix this year but of course I'll be glued to the television as I am for every Grand Prix throughout the year. If you are in Monaco, enjoy... and if you are not, enjoy... should be a great race.

26 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - the Human Resources

Here's the list of human resources needed for the race...

650 Marshals
120 Professional Firefighters
30 Reanimation Doctors
40 Doctors (30 on the circuit, 10 for the spectators)
46 Nurses (30 on the circuit, 16 for the spectators)
250 Paramedics (80 on the track, 170 for the spectators)

25 May 2011

The Pit Lane and Yesterday's Fire at Ste. Devote

This lady is walking along the pit lane which, as of yesterday, was nose to tail with the team trucks.

In the smaller photo you can see a clearer shot of the pit lane with the stands opposite that house the television crews with the gallery above for the VIPs. In the background is le rocher.

Yesterday afternoon a truck caught fire at the Ste. Devote roundabout. The tyres exploded and the area was filled with thick black smoke. The fire brigade got it under control but the tarmac was been badly burned and the truck had sunk into the road with the heat. The track surface is now undergoing urgent repairs. Reports say this could mean that this famous first corner after the start will be very slippy as there won't have been enough time for the tarmac to 'seep' or set - indeed it could even break up with so many cars running on it during the practice sessions, the qualifying and of course the race itself.

To see photos and read more, click on THIS LINK.

24 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - a Swim Behind Bars

In two or three days, we'll be hearing Formula 1 cars screeching past the pool at Port Hercule but for the moment you can still take a swim, even though you are behind bars.

23 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - Reflection

This reflection, on a very shiny motorbike, shows a small boat being hoisted, ready to enter the water.

Port Hercule is buzzing with activity at the moment as the massive super yachts arrive for the Grand Prix - only a few days to go now...

22 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - Polishing the Yacht

It's not just the stands that have to be built - the yachts have to be polished...

This lovely boat is called Baboon and is registered in Hamilton.

21 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - Conversation between Bikers

Maybe this guy has come to the wrong Grand Prix? No matter ... the policeman, as always, is very helpful and anyway, take at look at the bikes in the smaller photo, one of which is his. He probably enjoys chatting with another biker.

The stand in the background overlooks the swimming pool - behind it: Port Hercule.

20 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - the Stands

Not long now and these stands will be jammed with Formula One fans. The construction goes on for months - I can't remember when it started but probably in March. Here's a list of what has been installed:

1100 tonnes of stands
900 tonnes of terraces
33 kilometres of security rails
20,000 square metres of wire netting
5000 protection tyres
500 fire extinquishers
32 surveillance cameras
10 cranes

19 May 2011

Monaco Grand Prix - Here we go again...

In less than a week the Formula 1 teams and their cars will arrive in the Principality.

If you look carefully at the smaller photo (this is Boulevard Albert 1ere) you'll see the road has been re-surfaced and fine lines have been drawn - soon we'll see the markings for the Starting Grid here.

As for pedestrians, they have to walk really carefully around Monaco at the moment.

18 May 2011

The Princess and the Ceramist

Princess Caroline spoke to all the exhibitors - here you see her chatting with Stéphane Montalto, a local ceramist of great renown. He was recently awarded the 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011.' Do take a look at his website to see the beautiful art he creates.

Stéphane not only makes stunning pots but does historical restoration work and creates architectural pieces for some of the famous houses and gardens along the Riviera, such as Villa Cyrnos, the Empress Eugenie's villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu. He's also done work for Bono at his villa in Eze-sur-Mer.

I've featured Stephane's work before - you can see it on Menton Daily Photo HERE. You'll find his atelier in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin or you can see and purchase his work on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month in Menton market.

17 May 2011

Garden Dreams - Princess Caroline

Princess Caroline (SAS Princess of Hanover) is the President of the Garden Club of Monaco and as you can see in the small photo, there was a large group of photographers waiting for her. She visited all the strands and also awarded prizes in the many flower arranging categories.

16 May 2011

Garden Dreams - the Gold Shoes

Bling bling shoes on a young lady taking photos of a floral display.

15 May 2011

Garden Dreams - Italian Pots

A pot for your garden? Or perhaps a fountain? These are made in Italy.

14 May 2011

Garden Dreams - Signs

You could buy a sign, painted on wood and pretend you are an artist. I should probably buy the one shown in the smaller photo but unfortunately not all my dogs can read - it says 'Beware Vicious Owner.'

The flowers are Proteas which are normally found in South Africa and Australia.

13 May 2011

Garden Dreams - Deckchairs

How about buying a pretty deckchair, kick back and enjoy the view?

12 May 2011

Garden Dreams - the Look

Same lady as yesterday - same wonderful hat. Don't you love the look from the man alongside her?

11 May 2011

Garden Dreams - Hats

And some Monte Carlo ladies wore hats...

10 May 2011

Garden Dreams - Elegant Ladies

Dressed-up ladies are a feature of this Garden Club event. Some with hats, some without as you see here.

One of the most popular features of Garden Dreams is the competition for the best flower arrangement with prizes handed out by Princess Caroline, who we'll see later in this series.

09 May 2011

Garden Dreams - the Velvet Elephant

You want an eight-foot velvet elephant or a friendly cheetah (perhaps it's a leopard?) then you've come to the right place although I can't quite work out how either would cope in the rain. Perhaps they are simply on display as part of this year's theme at Garden Dreams which is an hommage to Africa.

08 May 2011

Garden Dreams

This weekend you'll find tents galore on the terraces of the Casino with everything you can imagine for a garden at 'Rêveries sur jardin' which means Garden Dreams.

Do come back tomorrow...

07 May 2011

Rent Me!

If you haven't got a Ferrari, you could always hire one of these...

06 May 2011

Life's a Beach

Life's a beach, especially for the guys who work on it.

05 May 2011


Peer through greenery and you might find a nice surprise. This lady hides in a tiny garden at the back of the Hotel Hermitage.

04 May 2011

Charlie's Feet

You may well ask the reason for a photograph of a seagull's rear end.

The best I can do is tell you that I was waiting for FNAC, a shop in the Metropole Centre to open - so I wandered down to the area below the Casino and, having nothing better to do, stood there snapping the gulls. This one's feet reminded me of Charlie Chaplin...and he always made me laugh - or cry.
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