31 July 2010

A Weekend in Monte Carlo - 2

And then there were four...

See yesterday's post for the first two Rolls Royces to arrive for a weekend in Monte Carlo.

30 July 2010

A Weekend in Monte Carlo

You'd have thought the Monte Carlo Rally had arrived last Saturday. I was crossing the Place du Casino when suddenly four Rolls Royces drove up and parked outside the Hôtel de Paris.

But of course it wasn't the Monte Carlo Rally (that will take place on the 19 - 23 January 2011 and will celebrate the 100th year of this great event).

In fact, as the owner of one of these beautiful cars told me, they'd all driven down from the UK for a weekend in Monte Carlo.

29 July 2010


The Japanese Garden in Avenue Princesse Grace is probably the most relaxing garden in Monaco. There is water everywhere, carp in pools, reflections, changing vegetation and it's cool in this heat. Lean on a bridge, look down into the water and go zen...

28 July 2010

Marriage in Mind

The forthcoming marriage between Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock is something everyone in Monaco is looking forward to. The big day will be July 9th next year. This shop on Avenue Princesse Grace is already getting ready.

Vanity Fair features Charlene Wittstock. (Click to view)

27 July 2010

Learning Dior

Dior in Avenue des Beaux-Arts. This little one could grow up to have rather expensive tastes...

26 July 2010

Cleaning up La Note Bleue

Almost 9 a.m. and it's clean-up time at La Note Bleue on Larvotto Beach.

25 July 2010

Tour de France - Alberto Contador Wins!

Later today, the Tour de France will be over for another year as they cycle down the Champs Elysées in Paris. The winner - Alberto Contador. Last year in Monaco we saw his rivalry with Lance Armstrong - this year, with the courageous Andy Schleck.

These photos were taken one year ago in Monaco. Well done Alberto - another year, Andy...!

24 July 2010


Nap time...

23 July 2010

Tour de France Memories

Can it be a year ago that the Tour de France started in Monaco? It was the best fun and let's hope it comes back to Monaco one day.

Meanwhile, this year's tour couldn't be more exciting with only an 8 second gap between Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador.

This photo was taken at an exhibition of Tour de France paraphernalia held when the tour was in Monaco last year.

22 July 2010

All that glitters...

A perspex sign outside a second-hand jewellry and repair shop on le rocher saying they buy gold, watches, etc.

21 July 2010

Sign of the Times

Closed since 2006 this beautiful old hotel has an uncertain future. Renovation, demolition? One day we'll find out.

20 July 2010

The Ancient Anchor

This stone Greek anchor was discovered in La Baie d'Anao (Beaulieu) and dates back to the 6th century BC. It's on display by the harbour where it was found - Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

19 July 2010

The Sea Club Spa

Fancy a swim or a workout? This is the entrance to the Sea Club Spa and Fitness Centre that is part of the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel on Avenue Princesse Grace.

18 July 2010

Champagne and Succulents

Champagne bottles and succulents atop an old wine barrel on the pavement terrace of Wine o'Clock, a wine bar in avenue Saint Laurent.

17 July 2010

Romero Britto in Beaulieu

This happy chappie welcomes you to the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer. He was created by the Brazilian Pop Art artist, Romero Britto and given to the town in 2007. Do click on the link to read more about this fascinating artist and his charitable works. Prince Albert of Monaco is a collector of Britto's work.

16 July 2010

Sass Café

A sight the nightbirds probably never see, Sass Café having its windows cleaned. Take a look at the website HERE or click to read a REVIEW of this trendy Italian diner and piano bar on Avenue Princess Grace - a favourite hangout of the F1 crowd and many celebrities including Brad and Angelina, and Bono.

15 July 2010

Posh Frocks and a Pellagrino

Reflections in a dress shop window on Avenue Princesse Grace.

14 July 2010

Footballers' Footprints - 2

Two of the greats - Maradona and Zidane. See yesterday's post for more details of the Footballers' Walk that runs along the back of the Grimaldi Forum.

13 July 2010

Footballers' Footprints

Ignore the ladies' legs, ignore the hotel in the background - look DOWN and you will see brass plaques depicting famous footballer's footprints. If you haven't had enough of football, that is!

We are on the walkway running along the back of the Grimaldi Forum. This is the Champion Footballer's Parade. Take a look at the Golden Foot competition - each year a different footballer is chosen to have his footprints imortalised in a brass plaque. Click on Voting 2010 to see who is up for it. I see David Beckham is on the list.

On the left - George Best's footprint.

12 July 2010

The Open Air Cinema

Tucked away in a corner of le rocher and next to the Oceanographic Museum is the open air cinema that shows films in English every night during the summer months. Films start at 10 p.m. and you can choose a normal chair, a more comfortable chair or a luxury lounger - you can order a drink too. We watch our films in comfort in Monaco! I've shown a photo of the cinema before but that was in 2007 so really this is for newer readers of this blog. It's great fun catching up with friends before the film starts and then sitting back and watching it under the stars.

Here's this summer's programme.

11 July 2010

Fun and Games off Larvotto

It's that time of year again with the Med awash with luxury yachts. This is the Nero. In the main photo and the small one, she is moored opposite Larvotto Beach and in the last photo, she is near the entrance to the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Nero is 90.1 metre long (295.6 feet) and was built in China in 2008. She would cost you between 385,000 and 420,000 euros to hire for one week's fun and games on the Mediterraean.

Click on the link to see photos of this yacht's luxury interior.

10 July 2010

White on the Red Carpet

We've popped back in time nearly two weeks to the Horse Jumping Show on the port and this good looking lady walking down the red carpet. Do all Monte Carlo ladies talk on their portable phones all the time?

09 July 2010

Femme Habillée

A clothed Botero - whatever next! There are so many wonderful nude Boteros around Monaco so this one was a surprise. She stands on Port Hercule outside the Marlborough Gallery and not far from Stars n Bars. She was sculpted by the Columbian master in 2003.

08 July 2010

Cool Dude

Don't you love the turquoise slippers...

07 July 2010

The Hidden Beach

One of Monaco's surprises - this tiny beach which is below le rocher, between the Oceanographic Museum and the beginning of the new digue (pontoon). A lot of steps to walk down - and then up! - and perhaps with curious tourists looking down at you but why not...

06 July 2010

Damien Hirst's Temple

You can hardly avoid Damien Hirst's sculptures in Monaco this summer - his Virgin Mother stands proudly in the port of Fontvieille and here, his 'Temple' stands outside the Oceanographic Museum on le rocher. So far 200,000 people have visited the exhibition of his work which includes various animals in formaldehyde.

Don't you love the woman on the bench in the lower photo - doing her crossword puzzle and totally oblivious to this gentleman's bright red equipment!

05 July 2010

The Super Yacht Party - Phocea

Photographing a sailing yacht that is 246 feet long whilst she is wedged between other boats is impossible - at least it was for me - so this is the best I could do but do please click on the link to see the beauty of this wonderful sailing yacht at sea.

The Phocea was the host ship for the Super Yacht Party. She was built at the Toulon Naval Dockyard in 1976 for the well-reputed, single-handed yachtsman Alain Colas. Shortly after competing in the Observer Single Handed Transatlantic Race she was converted into the charter yacht Club Mediterrannee, and then in July 1997, she was purchased by her current owner, Lebanese Mouna Ayoub, ex-wife of Nasser Al-Rashid who owns the Lady Moura, one of the largest yachts in the harbour of Monaco. He partly paid for the $17 million refit of the Phocea, when he sold 'The Mouna', a 112 carat (22.4 g) record-breaking diamond.

The Phocea began her transformation into a luxury sailing yacht at Lurssen. Whilst retaining her unmistakable identity, she has undergone major interior and exterior upgrading. Her opulent interior includes some exquisite David Linley furniture. The Owner's suite, commanding fine views, is situated on the main deck whilst the VIP guest cabin and four other double cabins, all with full ensuite facilities, are located on the lower deck.

Phocea crashed into rocks off Sardinia in August 2005 while Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were aboard. Three people were seriously injured. The yacht was damaged below the waterline.

04 July 2010

The Super Yacht Party

The Phocea, one of the largest sailing yachts in the world, played host last weekend to a get-together of the world's super yachts.

Tomorrow: the Phocea

03 July 2010


We've not had a Monte Carlo lady for a while. This attractive lady seems to be multi-tasking with a vengeance. A phone under her ear, another in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
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