30 September 2014

The Mantle of Conscience by Anna Chromy

This is a new sculpture, recently installed in the gardens opposite Le Rose des Vents. 

It's called the Mantle of Conscience and is by the artist, Anna Chromy.

19 September 2014

'Very Hungry God' by Subodh Gupta

This is a sculpture recently seen outside the Grimaldi Forum.

It's called 'Very Hungry God' by artist Subodh Gupta, who is based in New Delhi.

It's made of approximately 3,000 pieces of stainless steel kitchenware.

07 September 2014

The Cow ready for a Swim

You'll find this cow in the gardens of the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco.  She's called 'Elegante au Bains' and has been decorated by sculptor Anne Quemar.  In 2005 there were dozens of cows all over Monaco. They'd been created by well-known artists and scuptors in aid of charity.  This one was bought by the Baronne Brandstetter and donated to the hospital.

She marks the smoking area in the gardens.

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