31 March 2008

Reina Mariana

This is Queen Mariana, sculpted in 2004 by Manolo Valdés, the well-known Spanish artist who lives in New York. You can glimpse, in the background, Botero's Adam and Eve, which we'll visit another day. These beautiful statues are in the gardens at the back of the Casino.

(Taken with my old camera - Canon Ixus 850 IS)

30 March 2008

Dreams to dream

The port of Monaco: always something to see - always dreams to dream.

29 March 2008

Tiptoe through the tulips with me...

Here - the tulips I was photographing when I got so pleasantly interrupted by yesterday's Monte Carlo Gentlemen.

If you want a laugh - and to hear Tiny Tim on YouTube - singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips, please click on the link.

28 March 2008

Monte Carlo Gentlemen - 3

The tulips drew me to the Casino gardens yesterday but things pretty soon got more interesting. These two guys asked if I'd take their photograph in front of the casino. They've got to be Italian, haven't they? And of course they are. They're from Bologna. Lucky Bologna ladies is what I say.

And yes, this was much more fun than photographing tulips!

27 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: The Earth is My Garden - Olivier Roche

There were several works of art in this exhibition that I loved but this is my absolute favourite. When I first saw it, my heart stopped - the words seem to float in the air, following the shape of the trees. It's quite wondrous or is to me.

You can see in the small photograph a longer shot of this. (click on it to enlarge) And in the third photo - The Earth is my Garden - Open your Eyes.

Olivier Roche is a visual artist photographer who lives and works in Nice. To read more about him and see more of his work, please click on the link.

'It is perhaps through awareness of who we really are and the understanding of the universality of things that we can respect nature, diversity and others' - Olivier Roche.

Thanks so much to everyone who has stayed the course and visited all the exhibits. Tomorrow, back to everyday Monte Carlo.

26 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Energy - Maurizio Del Piano

Maurizio Del Piano, sculptor, painter and designer, was born in Costa Volpino, Italy. He initially experimented with his first art forms through painting and later, through sculpture, expanding his creative solutions between sculpture and painting in over a thousand works. He prefers working with glass: the most appropriate expression of his reflection on light and his poetics on time. Please click on the link to see his website and read about and see more of his work.

Tomorrow - the final day of this exhibition and my favourite installation. Do come back!

25 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Ode au Soleil - Hannelore Jüterbock

Hannelore Jüterbock was born in Berlin and educated at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich, Florence and Rome. In 1980 she founded the group of artists "Stall' and set up the "Ateliertage."
Hannelore has acquired a certain international reputation thank to her painting 'Lussback', 30 metres long and on display at the Munich Cultural Centre. The painting represents the beginning of her research on translucidity. She was awarded a Silver Lion in Venice.

This work is installed in the fountain opposite the Casino.

'The sun is our future. Peace on earth with no nuclear energy' - Hannelore Jüterbock.

24 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Virus - Valentine

Stéphanie Materi was born in Casablanca. She sculpts under the name Valentine. 'A lover of contemporary art with a feeling for sculpture. She began to take an interest in the art of recycling and to experiment with creation using various materials. Her meeting with Patrick Gibelli (an experienced artist) brought her into her own. (Patrick's Le Scalaire has already been featured in this series). It would be a metallic and anti-conformist world that she would evolve. Her entry into this new world through the 'Virus' confirmed her quest to reflect upon the fusion between ecology and science. When the 'Virus' was exhibited, the contamination had already begun. It influences the senses of each of us, revolutionaries, to push each and every institution to engage upon a veritable mission to save our future.'

'If we all unite, we can guarantee an eco-future for tomorrow!' - Valentine

23 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Installation Arabesque - Bernard Abril

'Through their simple appearance, the design of Bernard Abril's sculptures possess the enigmatic language of ancient writings, of muted words which force the ear to listen to the wind and the silence. Refuges without borders, they haunt us with wild thoughts. they are of another world, of another word, of anothr texture. Branches joined by careful ties, they bring to mind the mechanisms of chinese fishing nets in Fort Cochon, the small boats of Andes' Indians, dwellings in Bassora, the Kanak culture and...'

'Bernard Abril's sculptures span the history of our lives, and teach us to live in unison with our preconceived certitues.' Click on the link to go to the artist's website.

Happy Easter everyone!

22 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: l'Arbre Anomal - Aazclairicia

This installation is in the middle of the duck pond. In fact, if you look at the small photograph, you'll see a lady totally ignoring it and feeding the ducks - something she does regularly - and it looks as if the pigeons hope for a few crumbs too.

Aazclairicia is 'drawn by multimedia, his art inhabits space, and by so doing, man and his environment. He has had various solo and group exhibitions in France and at the Metropolitan Art Museum in Pusan, South Korea. His new philosphy of art beckons us to perceive the environment in a different way.'

'In order to save our water reserves, stop the deforestation!' - Aazclairicia

21 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: The earth is in our hands - Claudia Albuquerque

Claudia Albuquerque was 'born in Paris at ...l'heure bleue. In the contemporary world of image, Claudia cruises around on the fringes, animated by the noblest driving force: Love!'

'She studied in Europe and the United States. Her wealth lies in the dual culture she has finely accumulated in Paris, Monte Carlo, New York, Bel Air, Hollywood, London, Mexico...the greatest stages in the world. "Monte Carlo is the Heart of glamour in this World!" says Claudia. "This is where you land in paradise. It's Magic you're here!"'

Apart from the painting displayed here, Claudia exhibited another painting commemorating one of the five Living Memorial Groves in the city of New York, each with a clear view of downtown Manhattan, where the Twin Towers stood. This is funded by the Living Memorial Tree Foundation under the patronage of HSH Prince of Albert of Monaco, with the help and support of the NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation, AMERICAN FORESTS and the Municipal Arts Society of New York. I plan on featuring this work on September 11 this year.

'The earth is in our hands' - Albert II, Prince de Monaco.

20 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Palm Trees - Paul Stapleton

Paul Stapleton was born in the UK and lived in Nigeria, Denmark and London before he joined the Leeds College of Art. He now lives in France and participates with his prints and sculptures in numerous exhibtion in the UK and in France.

'Biodiversity: posidonia is a grass just like palm except it decided to return to the sea. Will man force it to come back to land again?' - Paul Stapleton

Click on the link to read about 'posidonia,' which is what the artist has used to clad his sculpture.

19 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Arbres Brûlés - Philippe Pastor

Philippe Pastor's 'Burnt Trees,' were created using charred tree trunks from the beautiful Garde Freinet (near St. Tropez) forest which burned in the summer of 2003 - burned by arsonists. Thanks to the artist's involvement with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) they will be on display throughout the world.

These sculptures give a certain form of life to the dead trees. (Small photo shows them taken from the other side) Please click on the link to read more about the artist and his paintings and sculptures - a fascinating website.

'I saw the fires ravaging the mountains. I will not resign myself to their destruction and refuse to forget. I am appalled by such disfigured nature, revolted by the perpetrators of this destruction...this bleak spectacle is a mirror of society...' - Philippe Pastor.

18 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Native Spirit - Elena Lindjo

In the beautifully produced catalogue that goes with this exhibition of 35 artists, this work is called 'Symphony of the Universe' but the sign in front of it says 'Native Spirit.' I didn't trim this photograph at all as the work seems to hang so beautifully amongst the lovely trees of the Casino Gardens.

Elena Lindjo is a Swedish-born artist who first came into contact with art and fashion at the age of 14, when she started modelling for Emilo Pucci in Italy during her vacation. She started acting in the theatre and was a finalist for the Miss Sweden contest. Combining modelling, acting, interior decoration and charity work for UNESCO, her life was between Paris, London, New York and Monte Carlo. Click on the link to see more of her work and read how she developed as an artist.

"Forever in motion, my paintings are expressions of energies existing in the Universe: a combination of rhythm and colour, emotion and shape, like music on canvas.'

'All things are connected in the endless symphony of the universe. Our beautiful planet is part of that harmony, so let's respect and preserve the essence of life that has created us.' - Elena Lindjo

17 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: 1er Secours - Alain Pérez

Alain Pérez is a "photographic artist who works on themes connected with museums, collections and objects relating to memory. 'First Aid' presented here is an installation for an event, a dreamlike space. The place of the human being as far as nature, time and the cultural reference brought into play are concerned.

Questioning the reality and the patrimonial representation raised by preserved animals, removed from their museum environment, regarding reality and the representation of heritage, in this case, is completed by contemporary creation. Thus this staging places the public at the heart of an approach focused on heritage, art and science."

'What if our presence on this planet depended only on our ability to dream' - Alain Pérez.

16 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Le Collier - Franz Stähler

German artist, Franz Stähler, started creating sculptures in ceramic. In 1987 he won the 'Premio Faenza' for ceramic sculpture. Since then he's worked in other materials and his work has become more focused on the environment. Here you see 'The Necklace.'

'I want to draw attention to the issues of nature and to create new avenues for exchange' - Franz Stähler.

15 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste - Time to sit and stare...

Lunchtime in the Casino Gardens. You can see one of the exhibits, Les Pirogues, in the background. For a better view please click on the link.

Meanwhile, when did you last take time to sit and ponder?

'A poor life this if, full of care
We have no time to stand and stare.' - William Henry Davies

14 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Pédociraptor Rex - Franck Tassi

You can read much more of the sculptor, Franck Tassi, by clicking on the link - a fascinating website. Here tho is a small amount of his bio:

'His style of expression shows man as both a creator as well as a victim, and often a prisoner of his technology and even a slave of his own inventions. In this - sometimes unbearable situation - there still remains an omnipresent sense of humour, which he considers the supreme form of criticism.'

'Nothing is thrown away nothing goes to waste, everything can be recreated' - Franck Tassi.

H.S.H. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, is 50 years old today: Happy Birthday, Prince Albert!

13 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste - Visitors or Locals?

There are more exhibits to show you but today I fancied seeing people for a change. Here's a group crossing the gardens. I love the swish of the lady's skirt.

I wonder if they are local people taking a lunch break or visitors. Certainly the two on the left are in business clothes, aren't they? My bet is they work in Monaco - probably live here too or just outside. People watching is such fun, isn't it?

11 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: L'oiseau branche - Folon

The artist Folon, was born in Belgium. His sculptures, paintings, engravings and posters have been exhibited in many prestigious museums. His website has a particularly beautiful introduction - do click on the above link to see and hear it.

'He is the inventor of a language that enables him, like Chaplin, to be understood by the eyes of all.' Ray Bradbury.

A UNICEF Ambassador, awarded the Legion of Honour, he has often worked for humanitarian causes such as Ecology, Human rights, Sister Emmanuelle, the Rights of the Child, etc. He passed away on the 20th October 2005 and rests in Monaco cemetery.

'It is never too late to save the future of our planet.' - Folon

Folon created one of my favourite Monaco sculptures - La Fontaine aux Oiseaux - you can see this by clicking on the link. In fact it's since been moved from the Place des Casino, where I photographed it, and is now installed in one of the gardens of Fontvieille. I'm looking forward to visiting it again soon.

Reading of Folon's humanitarian interests I think he'd be interested to know that today is the first International Online Free Expression Day. Nathalie at the beautiful Avignon in Photos has written in detail on this. Please click on the Avignon to read her post and how to Take Action.

Expo Ecofuturiste: Structure 1 & Structure 2 - Luz

Luz is a photographer who "uses photography as a means to retranscribe stories emanating from her imagination, presented through a parallel world, which each spectator, using his own sensibility, can uncover."

She has two works installed in the Casino Gardens - they stand opposite each other. The small one on the left features a standing nude - the one above - well, you can see she is sitting. To see more of her photographs, please click on the link.

'Because time is precious, we need to act now' - Luz

10 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: L'Atlas - Jean Paul Bongibault

The way in which steel is worked fascinated the artist, Jean Paul Bongibault, who is a protegé of Pierre Cardin. You can see more of this artist's work and read about him by clicking on the link.

'The earth respects us! So show respect! Thank you for your understanding' - Jean Paul Bongibault.

09 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: My Engine - Jean-Noël Fessy

Alongside this sculpture, by the French artist, Jean-Noël Fessy, is a sign that says: 'Apricot branches and vines, bound and oiled. An engine, that could have been mine, on a wooden base.'

'The tool, the fire, the engine. Main steps in man's story of power taking over his Mother Earth. A might that is today overflowing her limits. It can leave you thoughtful - pensive' - Jean-Noël Fessy.

You can see more of this artist's work by clicking on the link above.

08 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Roundown - Denis Gibelin

The artist, Denis Gibelin, writes: 'Photo shots enable the beholder, through the lens, to see and place the spotlight on "subject matter."

Hope you can see it - in the centre of the construction, is a dead tree.

'Ecologists should take inspiration from the creative world of myth construction [...] in order to understand what we are and what we need to be.' - Denis Gibelin.

I hadn't decided which installation to feature today until I saw Nathalie's post at Avignon in Photos. Do click on the link to see my inspiration.

07 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: The Freezer - Renaud Vassas

Artist Renaud Vassas works in wood, bronze, stainless steel, glass or just items of minor importance. Humour and mockery are present in each and evrey object. You can read more about the artist by clicking on the link.

"Contemporary art transpires the biodiversity of the moment, in line with the naturalists of the 21st century, Grimaldi, Mariotti, Bouzou, Powers. - The 'Freezer' sculpture suspends the stata of my world for a brief instant: memories, meetings...a true ecosystem of friendship" - Renaud Vassas.

06 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: le Scalaire - Patrick Gibelli

There were better photographs of this sculpture but I couldn't resist the little boy. He didn't feature in the others. Le Scalaire is a work by the sculptor, Patrick Gibelli. Born in Monaco, Patrick used to be a car body repairer and changed direction to become an innovate artist who regularly features in European galleries. Read more about the artist by clicking on the link.

Note: you'll see a couple of ducks seeking shade under the sculpture.

'Je suis évolution et là ou tout devient possible c'est dans mon univers...' Patrick Gibelli.

05 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Les Pirogues - Gérard Roveri

This sculpture is made from the black pines of Austria collected after the storms of 1999. The artist, Gérard Roveri, has worked in advertising, fashion and decoration, particularly in Japan. He has created frescoes in Mexico and in Gérard Depardieu's home.

His pirogues (canoes) are the symbol of a voyage from one world to the next.

"The world is like a pirogue, which, as it turns around and around, no longer knows whether the wind intends to laugh or to cry' - Saint-John Perse.

04 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Impulz-tree - Saskia Koning

Saskia Koning is a Dutch sculptor who works with different materials and techniques. You can read more about her by clicking on the link.

"One of her leading themes is trees. These living creatures have a long history which shows in their shape and the way they have grown. They also hold memories of events they exerienced, children playing underneath, someone taking a nap against the tree, a horse passing by. These memories are represented in the bronze trees that are part of the Ecofuturist Exhibition. This is just one of them. The statues are based on actual casts from the bark of the living tree."

A sculpture by Saskia Koning was chosen for the 'Tsunami momument' in remembrance of the victims of the 2004 tragedy.

'I hope that people will look at trees differently, with wonder and respect' - Saskia Koning.

03 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: No Comment - Gilbert Casula

No, that's not my title - it's the name of the installation by an artist called Gilbert Casula who lives and works in Cannes.

"A writer and a poet, he was influenced at a very early age by the concept of geopoetics and Kenneth White's work. An inventor of poetic objects and designer of audio systems in which the word always maintains its rights." You can read more by clicking on the link.

Looking at this installation I have to say, I feel like this at times Do you?!

02 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Pas d'Art sans vie, pas de vie sans Terre - Ben

'This bench doesn't have a problem'

You saw Ben's art yesterday - one of 35 artists exhibiting in the Casino Gardens. Here's another of his benches. I love it when art and life meet like this - life with the ubiquitous portable telephone.

Ben Vautier was born in Naples and lives and works in Nice. His work has been bought by the National Museum of Modern Art. Click on the link to read more about this fascinating artist who believes that Tout est Art (All is Art).

01 March 2008

Theme Day: Street Mural or Graffiti

"Bench for philosphers seeking the truth" - Ben

Fortuitously there is an exhibition on at the moment in the Casino Gardens. It's called Expo Ecofuturist and features installations by 35 artists. Some we've seen over the past days. This artist has installed 7 benches throughout the gardens. Here is one and I'll show you others over the coming days. Ben Vautier, known as Ben, has a fascinating website - do click on the link above.

'If art is everywhere it is also on this bench' - Ben

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