26 February 2015

Steps in Beausoleil

It's hard walking up these steps in Beausoleil - but it's great fun to run down ...

24 February 2015

Hopeful seagulls

Seagulls queue up near a restaurant on Larvotto Beach, hoping someone will throw them a crumb or two.

19 February 2015

Thumbs Up!

Skateboarders at Larvotto Beach. Thanks for the smiles guys - and the thumbs up - as you whizzed by. 

18 February 2015


Stripes - at the Pavilions de Monte Carlo.

15 February 2015

Monte Carlo lady and her dog

One of Monte Carlo's pampered pooches, a little bichon maltais (Maltese terrier) and her owner on Avenue Princesse Grace.

12 February 2015

Long Legs ...

Christmas trees laden with snow alongside palm trees and pretty girls with legs that go on forever ... that's Monte Carlo.

05 February 2015

Ciggie break

Cigarette break outside the Metropole Centre, Monte Carlo.

02 February 2015

The Alexander McQueen shop

The Alexander McQueen shop in the Pavilions de Monte Carlo, Casino Gardens.
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