31 March 2007

Looking at Italy

Here we are at Fontvieille - the heliport is behind us - and we are looking towards Menton and in the distance Italy. The building you see is an apartment block with rather nice views.

30 March 2007

Gardens of Fontvieille

The gardens in Fontvieille (the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea) are absolutely beautiful. This area adjoins the Princess Grace Rose garden.

29 March 2007

French and Monégasque

So now you know how to write 'Principality of Monaco' in English, French and Monégasque.

28 March 2007

Lady Christina

This beautiful yacht is seen in Cap d'Ail harbour. Cap d'Ail borders Monaco and in fact I took this photograph from Monaco - from high up in an apartment in Seaside Plaza in Fontvieille. If you click on this link, you can see Seaside Plaza in the background. The Lady Christina, a 203 foot long super yacht, was first launched in 2005.

27 March 2007

Princess Grace Rose Garden

Here you see one of the gates to the Princess Grace Rose Garden in Fontvieille, the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea. Dedicated in 1984 to the late Princess Grace of Monaco, the garden, currently dormant, holds 4000 rose bushes representing 180 different cultivars. It's a place of meditation and is open each day from sunrise to sunset. I'll try and get back in late Spring, early summer and photograph the garden for you.

26 March 2007


This is how Monaco encourages people to pick up after their dogs. Does your town or city do the same? This box was near to the Heliport in Fontvieille.

25 March 2007

Les Atlantes

This sculpture is by the Canadian figurative sculptor, Blake. It's installed in gardens by the Heliport of Monaco in Fontvieille. Les Atlantes is dedicated to the celebration of life. Depicted are three men representing various aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual existence. In the background of the photograph above, you see part of the luxury apartment building called Seaside Plaza, where incidentally, Princess Stephanie of Monaco has an apartment.

24 March 2007


This sculpture, which stands in front of the main port of Monaco, is by Emma di Sigaldi.

23 March 2007

Lady Moura

The 'Lady Moura' is the largest yacht in Monte Carlo and apparently in the world. Built in 1990 at a cost of $100 million, which makes her reputedly the most expensive private yacht in the world, she is owned by a Saudi business man, Nasser al Rashid. She carries a crew of 60, and incorporates features such as a beach resort complete with sand, a large pool with a retractable roof, and a 75ft dining table custom-made by Viscount Linley. She has an onboard helicopter and you can see more photos of her here.

22 March 2007


This is a typical scene in Monaco - building cranes everywhere. Work never seems to stop in what is, after all, a tiny place. The rather beautiful building you see top left is the Hôtel Hermitage - many consider this hotel to be superior to the famous Hôtel de Paris. One of the smaller bars of the Hermitage was converted from what used to be Maria Callas' dressing room!

21 March 2007

Up, up and away...

This helicopter took off seconds before I took the photograph this morning. There are flights throughout the day to and from Nice airport - quicker than the drive and much more fun! The Heliport is situated at Fontvielle and very near to the circus tent. I noticed some private helicopters on the pad too. Up up and away...

20 March 2007

Square Theodore Gastaud

This is a secluded square, just in from the main port and just off the walking street. Musical evenings are held here on summer nights.

19 March 2007

Formula One for kids!

Grand Prix T-shirts are on sale all the year round in Monaco. These were on a rack outside a clothing shop for children in the pedestrian street of Monte Carlo, just up from the port.

18 March 2007

Passage privé

Private entrance on Boulevard des Moulins.

17 March 2007

Entrance and Exit

Here's the sign at the entrance to the luxurious Metropole shopping centre. You can see other photographs of this tempting place here and here.

16 March 2007

Morning constitutional

Dog and man off for a walk in the Casino gardens. You can see another photograph of the gardens themselves here.

15 March 2007

Check-out at Carrefour

Carrefour is the big supermarket of Monte Carlo. Here you see just a few of the many check-outs - and as you will see, dogs go almost anywhere in Monaco - and France. I often see Madame walking around the supermarket with Fifi, her little caniche (poodle) in the bottom of her shopping trolley amongst the brie and jambon. Illegal perhaps but somehow a blind eye is turned...after all, how could she possibly leave her little darling home alone in her apartment. Vive la France!

14 March 2007

The bus stops here

Here's a Monte Carlo bus stop. In the map you can see the shape of Monaco - just a narrow strip of land. Monaco has a truly excellent bus service - very easy to get around. Mind you, so is walking...

13 March 2007

Grimaldi Forum

This is the 5-year old Grimaldi Forum - a magnificent centre for exhibitions and conferences in Monaco. If you click on this link you can read all about it and go on various Virtual Tours. Grimaldi is of course the family name of Prince Albert of Monaco and you may like to know - those of you old enough to remember, that is - that in the film The Red Shoes, Norma Shearer threw herself off the cliff at exactly the spot that now houses this conference centre.

12 March 2007

Sunday mornin'

11.45 on a Sunday morning - Boulevard des Moulins - shops all closed, hardly anyone about. Behind me is an outdoor café, filled with people taking coffee or a glass of wine - but here, nothing much stirs...

11 March 2007

Onward and upwards...

The tiny Principality of Monaco is built on many levels and this scene in Boulevard des Moulins is typical with steps leading from one street level to another. You will also find free public lifts all over the place, which makes life easier for residents coming home with their shopping. In addition, many buildings can be entered from the lower or the upper level.

10 March 2007


This sculpture by César (César Baldaccini 1921 - 1998) stands in the foyer of the luxurious l'Europa Residence in Place des Moulins. César, a highly acclaimed sculptor is famous for creating the César du Cinema trophy which is the Oscar of French cinema. Buried in Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris, the statue over his grave is similar.

09 March 2007

Vista Palace Hotel + skydiver

Okay, I know this photograph isn't very sharp but it was taken from a long way away with a little Canon Ixus. What surprised me, when I saw it on screen is the sky diver - not that a sky diver is a suprise as they jump off Mont Agel all the time - it's a popular sport around here. I was surprised tho, 'cos I didn't see the sky diver thru the view finder. So I apologise for the photo being rather fuzzy but thought you might like to see what people do to have fun around here. The building is the Vista Palace Hotel, which is at Roquebrune Cap Martin and is 333 metres above Monaco. From the other side, it looks rather like a ship. The view from this hotel is spectacular - taking in Menton and Italy on one side and Monte Carlo and beyond on the other. This is where you stay when you've got pots of money, folks. Do take a look at their website. I took this photograph from the Place des Moulins in Monaco.

08 March 2007

Fer forgé

Wrought iron is used a lot in making ornate doorways and of course balconies - here you see a doorway in the Boulevard des Moulins.

07 March 2007

Posh shoes!

Sign advertising a designer shoe shop in Boulevard d'Italie in Monaco.

06 March 2007


Apartment building on Boulevard des Moulins, in Monaco.

05 March 2007

Marcel Pagnol 1895 - 1974

This tribute to the great Marcel Pagnol stands under an olive tree in the gardens opposite the Place des Moulins in Monaco. Poet, playwright, film maker, novelist, historian, essayist, translator - Pagnol's talent knew no bounds. Remember La Femme du Boulanger? Think of the wondrous films, Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, made from his novel, L'eau des collines. Pagnol was elected a member of the Académie Française in 1946, the first film maker to be so honoured. Pagnol is translated into 30 languages. You can read more, much much more, at the official website

04 March 2007

View from the Eleventh floor...

Taken from the 11th floor of the l'Europa apartment building (guess which lucky person went there for lunch today?) There's something to be said for delivering dog food and being asked to stay for lunch... The curved building you see jutting out to sea is what's known as the Summer Sporting or Jimmyz which is the famous nightclub of Monte Carlo. The Summer Sporting used to be where the Outdoor Summer cinema took place and where you sat in easy chairs under the stars, sipped a glass of vino and watched the latest film in English. The films started at 10 p.m. Now tho, the outdoor cinema has been moved to the Rock, or Monaco Ville where the palace is. In the distance you see the penisula of Cap Martin and the other side of that is Menton (see my other DP blog) and beyond that Italy. End of geography lesson!

03 March 2007

No dogs allowed!

Every city and town has signs saying 'No Dogs Allowed.' Here's one of Monaco's in the gardens opposite the Casino. There are many beautiful old trees in these gardens - this one is Araucaria Excelsa, the Norfolk Island Pine. You can see a completely different view of the Casino gardens here.

02 March 2007

Take a stroll to the harbour...

This is Monaco's walking street - rue Princesse Caroline. It's lined with cafés and shops. There's even an English bookshop called Scruples. So take a stroll, stop for an espresso and a croissant, and then keep walking till you get to the port where you can sit and watch the yachts bob about at anchor. You could even pick an orange if you are tall enough! The only thing I can't provide is sunshine - this was taken on a grey day.

01 March 2007

Daily Photo Theme - Men at Work

Here you see the zoo keeper feeding the two giraffes who came to Monaco for the Circus Festival last month. And what is he feeding them? Why - French bread of course - une baguette, bien sûr!

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