28 February 2007

Donkey in harness

This lovely donkey and cart, called Ane Attele, was sculpted by Francois-Xavier Lalanne in 1988. It sits atop a pretty grassed area in the middle of Fontvieille, the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea. Lalanne often works with his wife, Claude - if you click on this Amazon link and scroll down the page, you can read more about them - click here.

27 February 2007

Lunch by the harbour

Monte Carlo has restaurants to suit all pockets. Here you see people taking lunch by the main port of Monaco.

26 February 2007


Monaco is famous for its Circus. Here you see just the tips of the Big Top. To the left, in the foreground, is an entrance to one of the many underground car parks in Monaco - all of which are free for the first hour.

25 February 2007

Pink and yellow

Taken on a rather grey day in Monte Carlo, this is one of the rather nice buildings in the pedestrian street, rue Princesse Caroline. Really just to show you that not all Monaco buildings are skyscrapers - indeed, now it's forbidden to build higher than, (I believe, not sure) 5 storeys.

24 February 2007

Let's go shopping!

This is taken from the Galerie du Métropole. Click here to see the interior of this beautiful shopping centre. The steps and escalator leads up to the Casino gardens.

23 February 2007

Fontvieille port

There are two ports in Monaco. One is the old port where all the big boats are moored and where the massive liners come in. The other is the small port of Fontvieille, of which a small part is pictured here.

Fontvieille is the area of Monaco that is on land re-claimed from the sea. Contruction started in 1966 and it added 22 hectares to the area of the Principality. Work finished in 1973 and then the construction of the buildings began and this new quarter of Monaco started to develop. Fontvieille is probably the quietest part of Monaco, except perhaps for the noise from the heliport. It has many beautiful and very expensive apartment buildings. The circus is here, shops, a veterinarian, and many little restaurants sit around the water. The main supermarket of Monaco, called Carrefour, is also located in Fontvieille.

The port itself covers approximately 8 hectares and has berths for 160 vessels. Its size however doesn't permit it to accept vessels more than 30 metres in length.

22 February 2007

Galerie du Métropole

The Galerie du Métropole is a shopping centre with 80 boutiques on three floors, lit by magnificient period chandeliers and with exquisite marble floors. On the lower level is FNAC, a great store selling music, DVDs, everything you could dream of for your computer. It sells cameras, telephones - the latest technology is always here first. It's also a great place to browse books. It's always packed and buzzes with energy. You'll find FNAC stores throughout France. Probably my favourite shop.

Look carefully and you'll see a fat labrador in the café below. He's got his own red bowl filled with water. Monaco caters for man and man's best friend.

21 February 2007

Street sign in Monaco

The simplicity of this street sign appealed to me. I hope you like it too.

20 February 2007

Messing about in boats

Think Monte Carlo, and you'd perhaps think 'yachts in the harbour' - and you'd be right. You'll find every type and size of boat here, from the grandest with helipad aboard to a small motor boat.

19 February 2007

Stars 'n' Bars

Stars 'n' Bars is a trendy sports bar and club on the port of Monaco. I had lunch there yesterday with friends - Eggs Benedict and a glass of white wine - should you be interested! Great atmosphere and always buzzing with people. Here's the website: Stars 'n' Bars. The cow was made by the Nice sculptor, Stéphane Cipre.

18 February 2007

A giraffe in Monaco?

January is when the circus comes to Monte Carlo. It's held in the Big Top in Fontvielle, which is the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea. During the day you can wander around looking at the animals which are kept in enclosures just outside the tent. Here you see one of two giraffes against a backdrop of the hills above. Princesse Stephanie has always had a passion for the circus and it is her job to check the condition of the animals each day. I tried to take a photograph of her rushing about but she is too quick and too experienced at dodging nosey photographers, especially amateur ones like me.

17 February 2007

Ready for lunch?

Here you see part of the interior of the famous Café de Paris brasserie - taken one morning before the lunchtime invasion. You can see a close up of one of the beautiful screens in a previous post called Café de Paris (15 February 2007)

16 February 2007

Where to go?

Monaco has many attractive sign posts - this one is in rue Princesse Caroline, which is the pedestrian street of Monaco. It leads from the port to rue Grimaldi.

15 February 2007

Café de Paris

One of the many beautiful screens inside the Café de Paris brasserie.

14 February 2007

Bang, you're dead!

These crystal guns were on a sale in a very expensive shop just around the corner from the Café de Paris. I wonder who would buy a glass gun?

13 February 2007

Time for Tea

These stuffed animals are presumably waiting for a waiter to bring them tea whilst they people watch outside this café on the walking street of Monaco.

12 February 2007

Ice skating in the port

This winter an ice rink was installed over the swimming pool. To skate on ice within spitting distance of the luxurious yachts in the harbour of Monaco - a dichotomy that these kids are enjoying.

11 February 2007


View of the palace from the rear. This was taken from the area below near to Carrefour supermarket and in front of the new port of Monaco. Presumably Prince Albert wasn't in residence as there is no flag flying.

10 February 2007

Sitting Couple - in Fontvieille

Sitting Couple - by the celebrated sculptor, Lynn Chadwick - 1914 - 2003.

09 February 2007

Hôtel de Paris

Overlooking Casino Square, this is perhaps the most famous hotel in Monte Carlo. To the right you see Alain Ducasse's famous restaurant, Le Louis XV. On the left, after you go up the main steps, is the American Bar, which is great for people-watching and enjoying an exceptional glass of champagne whilst listening to the pianist.

08 February 2007

Casino Gardens

Ducks in the pond in the south east corner of the gardens

07 February 2007

Museum of Antique Automobiles

Situated on Les Terrasses de Fontvielle, this museum houses the late Prince Rainer III's private collection of around 100 vintage cars.
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