30 November 2013

A Chilly Swim

Rather her than me!  This was taken two days ago on Larvotto beach. A beautiful day but gosh, that sea must be cold ...

29 November 2013


Conversation outside the shopping centre in Fontvieille. 

28 November 2013

The Red and the White for Monaco's National Day

Not the most exciting photo in the world but I thought you might like to see Monaco's windows decorated with the Principality's red and white flags. Monaco celebrated its National Day last week - I didn't take photographs because I was exhibiting at PhotoMenton - but the flags are still on display and in this case with pots of red and white flowers to match. These pics were taken around the port of Fontvieille yesterday.

27 November 2013

Ring ring

Not a bad place to stop and make a phone call and enjoy the view, even if it is a grey day.  Ah, no, perhaps she is taking a photo ...

26 November 2013

The Midget outside the Cafe de Paris

This cute car is a rally car, parked opposite the Cafe de Paris. It's an MG midget I believe - UK number plates. You can see the names of the rally drivers inscribed on the side of the car. 

25 November 2013

Monte Carlo Shoes ...

Monte Carlo shoes on the steps of the Hotel de Paris. 

24 November 2013

23 November 2013

Larvotto: Rise and Shine

Washing down Larvotto.

22 November 2013


It was rainy and cold in Monaco yesterday.  This is the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum. (a photo taken about four years ago but nothing has changed ...)

21 November 2013

Peille: Time to say goodbye.

Today we are leaving Peille.  I have more photos of this enchanting village, but they can wait for another day. It's time to get back to Monte Carlo. 

Don't you love the hole cut into the rock to make the road?  You see this often in the south of France and Italy - sometimes wide enough for two-way traffic, sometimes not ...

20 November 2013

Peille: Lavoir

This is the old lavoir in Peille. I love that the women who washed in the old days were protected from the heat and the cold by a roof and walls. (see last photo).

I wonder how many sheets, how many pair of workman's trousers have been washed on this sloping slab of stone over the centuries?

19 November 2013

Peille: Nine Lives

Cats wander freely in Peille. A nice life ... for cats and people.

18 November 2013

Peille: Courage

Rather her than me! Crossing the hanging bridge below the village of Peille.

17 November 2013

Peille: Hanging Bridge

Would you like to walk this hanging bridge in Peille?  Come back tomorrow and see who did?

16 November 2013

Peille: Roofscape

How many lives? How many births and deaths and loves and despair have taken place under these roofs over the centuries in the medieval vilage of Peille?

15 November 2013

Peille: Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks in Peille.  I absolutely love hollyhocks but never have any luck in growing them, despite having poor stony soil which they love.

14 November 2013

Peille: Chez Nana Cauvin

The chef at Restaurant Cauvin in Peille doesn't have far to go to collect his bread.  The baker's shop is the opposite side of the square to his restaurant. 

This restaurant is also known as Chez Nana Cauvin.  Nana was a friend of Léo Ferré, a Monegasque poet, composer and a dynamic live performer whose career in France dominated the years after the Second World War until his death.  He wrote a song to Nana Cauvin.

13 November 2013

Peille: Bar Tabac L'Absinthe 2

A different perspective on the Bar Tabac L'Absinthe in Peille.  Don't you just love these vaulted passageways in medieval villages?

12 November 2013

11 November 2013

Peille: Gaby

Yesterday we saw Gaby, owner of Au Petit Cabanon in Peille,  serving a couple of cyclists in the square.  Now a close-up of Gaby. Isn't he wonderful! And so was his pretty customer drinking her morning espresso.

10 November 2013

Peille: Coffee Chez Gaby

An early morning stop for two cyclists outside Au Petit Cabanon in Place Carnot in Peille.  That's the adorable patron, Gaby, serving coffee. Isn't this square heaven! 

A short history of the village: It's thought the area was once home to a little-known Ligurian tribe the Oratelli of Peille.

The village dates back to the 11th century and is of Celto-Ligurian origin.  In 1388 Peille passed to the Savoy, and later became the responsibility of the Sardis states in 1720, returning to French rule in 1792. From 1814 to 1860, it was part of kingdom of Piedmont and Sardinia and finally became French in 1860.

09 November 2013

Peille: - the Gothic Fountain and Old Lavoir

This is the Place du Mont Agel in Peille, with its gothic fountain and lavoir.  And as you can see it's a fountain that is still used by the villagers.

You'll find a 'Circuit of Postcards in the village - 14 in all - each featuring a reproduction of an old photograph alongside each ancient monument or place of interest - see the smaller photo.  This was taken around 1910.

Tomorrow, we'll learn some of the history of this beautiful village.

08 November 2013


Sometimes it's nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of Monaco and take a short trip into the mountains.  So leave your Louboutins behind and let's spend a while exploring the magic that is Peille. The medieval village is 630 metres above sea level and only 25 kilometres from Monaco.

We'll walk its ancient streets on stones weathered by time, wind our way through vaulted passageways, have a coffee in a magical square and doubtless fall in love with this beautiful village.

The sign, as you enter the village, says 'Peille, the most curious village in the Alpes-Martimes.'

More tomorrow ...

07 November 2013

Lunch on a Bench

The casino gardens, lunch on a bench and a chat with friends before going back to work.  Not a bad way to spend your lunch break.

The dark green area in the background is part of the enormous fence that blocks off the centre of the gardens whilst construction goes on for the new shopping centre.  Oh dear ...

06 November 2013

The Sphere at Jimmy'z

The side of the casino reflected in the mirrored sphere above Jimmy'z night club.

05 November 2013

Fishing for Rubbish

This young man isn't fishing but is clearing rubbish from the waters of Port Hercule. 

04 November 2013

Swimming in November

We've had glorious weather lately, although the meteo says we may have rain today.

Bit chilly for swimming though?

03 November 2013

Walking the dog ...

Walking the dog below the Grimaldi Forum.

02 November 2013


Hibiscus at Larvotto Beach.  Happy weekend everyone ...

01 November 2013

Supplier to HSH Prince Albert II

This is what you'll get if you own a shop in Monaco that supplies HSH Prince Albert II.
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