31 May 2008

Beach Hotel

The Beach Hotel just before the Grand Prix. As you see, yachts at sea, unable to get into the over-crowded harbour. The restaurant La Vigie, which is on the promontory at the rear, isn't yet open. I believe that opens in June.

30 May 2008

Cleaning the Yacht

This was taken before the Grand Prix. The flag looks like the Welsh dragon but it's normally seen against a green and white background. Anyone know?

29 May 2008

Monte Carlo Ladies - 13 - The Roller Blader

At Grand Prix time, in particular, this is a great way to get about Monaco - or at least around the Larvotto Beach area, which is flat.

France Telecom paid another visit and it seems there are big-time problems - they will come back and install new cable from road to house. No matter, at the moment, I'm in Spain for a dog show and the hotel has internet access, so I've left my connection problems behind - for the moment.

28 May 2008

Early morning wash

The promenade along by Larvotto Beach is washed down each morning, as is much of Monte Carlo.

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27 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - Hugo Boss

Dusk off Larvotto Beach - the Hugo Boss boat. If anyone saw the David Coulthard interview on ITV the day before the Monaco Grand Prix, it was filmed on this boat.

Internet & phone still down. Thanks so much for comments. My ability to comment is limited but am using neighbour's WiFi when poss. Will catch up with everyone eventually.

26 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - No room in the Harbour!

Dusk. Two nights before the Grand Prix. Larvotto Beach. As you can see, there are many more boats than usual and, as is usual at Grand Prix time, no room in the harbour. Apologies for lack of clarity but I took this at 8 p.m.

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25 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - Fangio

Monaco Grand Prix today! Monte Carlo is abuzz with excitement.

Today, another sculpture - this time of the late, great Juan Manuel Fangio. It stands on the corner of the Port of Monaco, not far from the Start/Finish line. Created by Joaquim Ros Sabate it was inaugurated by H.S.H. Prince Albert in 2003. It depicts Fangio after he won the Grand Prix of Monaco in 1955 in a Mercedes Benz.

Stop press: Crazy race - rain, shine, crashes... --- and Hamilton WON! Rah! rah! rah! Go Lewis!

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24 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - a Brag!

A Monte Carlo Daily Photo (see above) appears today in the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times. Guess who is dead chuffed!

There are several pages of articles on the 'Glamour and dazzle at the Monaco Grand Prix' by Brad Spurgeon. In particular, there is a fascinating article by Joe Seward, on the first man ever to win the Monaco Grand Prix, one William Grover, who was an undercover agent during World War Two. Click on the link to see a different photo of this sculpture, when it was first posted on Monte Carlo DP.

This sculpture stands near to the church of St. Devote in the centre of a small roundabout - it's removed each year as it's part of the Grand Prix track.

I did request that the International Herald Tribune credit the photo to Monte Carlo Daily Photo but unfortunately they just put my name. How did it happen? I had an email from the Int. Herald Tribune in Paris asking if the photograph they'd seen on Monte Carlo DP was in fact mine and would I give permission to use it. They also asked if I had a version with higher definition. I didn't but said I'd go into Monaco to take more. Off I went only to find that the sculpture had been moved for the Grand Prix. No matter - they said the photos I'd sent (only 1600 x 1200) would be fine.

(Internet & phone still down. Hopefully up by Wednesday. Am posting from a cyber cafe - very sorry but can't comment for the moment but thank you so much for your comments. Will catch up as soon as poss).

23 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - How Much?

Yes, it's the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. The harbour is choc a bloc with yachts, there isn't a hotel room to be had for miles. You can pay up to 150,000 euros for a villa for a week in Cap Ferrat. If you stay in an hotel in Monaco you have to stay for three or four nights and if you don't, then you pay anyway. Prices can be up to 12,000 euros for three nights. A suite at the Fairmont - dig deep - it will cost you 160,000 euros.

Many people who rent or own apartments along the race track rent their apartments and balconies to corporations for a fortune for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the race, making around 28,000 euros during those three days. Big companies reward their best employees by flying them to Monaco for what is without doubt the greatest of all the Formula 1 Grand Prix races, run as it is through the streets of the Prncipality. Renting at Grand Prix time in Monaco often pays the yearly rental. There are strict rules tho. Only a certain number of people per square metre are allowed on each balcony - this for saftey reasons. The highest rental being paid for this weekend's Grand Prix - for 30 privileged people - 50,000 euros.

Other residents simply leave the Principality - they can't stand the noise.

Prices in the stands range from 70 euros to 420 euros. And the cheapest way to see the Monaco Grand Prix? Come into Monaco on the bus or train (you'd not get a car near the place anyway) and then pay 40 euros to sit on the grassy slope below le Rocher.

(I've had no telephone or internet connection for two days - France Telecom tell me it'll not be up for a few days. Some problem between my house and the road. Grrrrrrr. Am posting from a cyber cafe - very sorry but can't comment for the moment but thank you so much for your comments. Will catch up as soon as poss).

22 May 2008

Monte Carlo Ladies - 12

A Monte Carlo lady! Wonder if this smartly dressed lady has just bought something in a red bag that coincidentally goes with her floaty dress? Perhaps she keeps it at home specially to go with this outfit? She's walking across Casino Square towards the Café de Paris.

21 May 2008

Garden Club of Monaco - Dreams for Sale

As you see, you can buy the dream... (everything here is for sale - maybe even the sand!)

20 May 2008

Garden Club of Monaco - Ceramiques

Meet Stephane Montalto. Stephane is a Ceramiste Potier who has his atelier in Roquebrune Cap Martin. He makes these beautiful pots and much else besides. This is his signature colour. I remember buying several smaller pieces when I first came to the region - his smaller pieces are in a slightly paler turquoise. I love his pottery.

This pot is a traditional Provençal pot and is an art that Stephane has revived. Stephane's work is installed in many parts of Monaco, including the Japanese Garden, St. Martin's Garden on Le Rocher and in many of the beautiful Belle Epoque villas on Cap Martin. His work has been shown in many different exhibitions and he's also won many awards. Such a dedicated and charming man.

19 May 2008

Garden Club of Monaco - The Golfer

We're back at the Garden Club of Monaco with a golfer looking a little bare around his middle.

18 May 2008

Larvotto Beach - Carla

Much of France is up in arms at Sarko (what the French call President Sarkozy) - the country is knee-deep in strikes at the moment. Others seem to be happy to read about the new Madame S.

Discarded - this magazine had been left on a wall at Larvotto Beach.

17 May 2008

Larvotto Beach - The Early Nap

7.45 a.m. Larvotto Beach

Between the eyes of love I call your name
Behind the guarded walls I used to go
Upon a summer wind there's a certain melody
Takes me back to the place I know
Down on the beach

- Chris Rea

16 May 2008

Larvotto Beach - The Gym

Larvotto Beach reflected in the windows of the gym.

15 May 2008

Larvotto Beach - The Phone Call

Larvotto Beach - 7.30 a.m.

14 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - Race Day - 3

So many different cars - here's one beauty. I think it's a Mercedes SSK from around 1925 - 29 but if someone corrects me and tells me it's a Bugatti, I'd not be surprised.There were 230 cars at the Grand Prix Historique - some in races, some simply driven around the track in display.

In the smaller photo you see cars lining up for a race. The green car below is, I believe, a 1961 Lotus 21. In another race, Stirling Moss was driving a 1950 Fraser Nash Le Mans Replica Mk1.

After the race, and after a long walk, then a bus journey to pick up my car in Menton (you can't get near to Monaco with your own car on race days), I was listening to Riviera Radio on the way home and apparently one of the cars - a Jaguar - is worth £2,000,000!

(Thankyou so much for everyone who has visited. Apologies for not commenting over the last few days. I'm in Turin - which is fabulous! - home by the weekend)

13 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - On display

Here you see some of the cars on display during the days before the race.

12 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - Race Day - 2

You may remember the framework for the television screen - you can see it again on the left. Above and below you see that screen on race day.

See how small the screen looks tho compared to the original steel structure. It sort of gets lost amongs the buildings. Nevertheless it's exciting to watch the race twice - you see the cars whizzing up the hill to Casino Square and you also see them someone else on the racetrack on the screen.

11 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - Race Day - 1

Come with me to the 6th Historique Grand Prix in Monaco. I've not been before and can tell you I am now a petrol head! Just had THE best day - but now I want to share it with you.

We've been invited to lunch (thankyou, dear Jenny) and we are on the balcony of an 11th floor apartment overlooking the Start/Finish line, sipping pink champagne - what else? All these photos are taken from that balcony.

In the first photo, we see a 1935 C-Type Auto Union. Notice how little car there is in front of the driver compared to others on this collage. This is probably the rarest car of the day and I have Charlie to thank for that information. Charlie is the designer of interiors for Rolls Royce and the nicest man you hope to meet and of course, for me, a fountain of knowledge on all things to do with vintage cars.

In the second photo you see a couple of cars in a different category - perhaps a Ferrari? Sure someone will tell me. These cars were MUCH noisier...

In the third, we are leaning over the balcony - watch out, mind you don't fall (remember we are 11 floors up). Look down and we see the cars who took the first, second and third places in one of the races. The presentation is just below us but I'll show you more of that another day.

In the fourth photo - well, you see the view over the port - part of the track, one of the stands facing the famous swimming pool - which by the way, I hear is going to be moved to a new complex to be built near to the yacht club. Progress. Oh dear.

Come back for more of the day. For the moment though, let's go into the apartment where a delicious lunch awaits us.

10 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - A rest before unloading

This is a 1964/5 BRM (261 Model) and is owned by the charming gentleman nearest to the camera. His name is Andrew Waring. The car has just arrived, it's been pulled out of the transporter and everyone is taking a rest before the car is moved to the display area you saw yesterday.

This car, by the way, has been driven in Grand Prix races by Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill.

Later, I took a photo of the owner posing with his car but it came out too over-exposed and so I can't use it. The guy sitting behind the BRM is called Phil. I asked him later if he is the mechanic and he replied, 'Well I sort of tinker.' Isn't that lovely?

09 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - Arrival

This is the 6th year Monaco will hold the Grand Prix Historique. It's held every other year, whereas the Formula 1 Grand Prix is held every year, of course.

When the Historique first started, the Automobile Club of Monaco looked down on the idea and had nothing to do with it. They soon changed their minds when they saw how popular it's become and now the Club has taken over the organisation. Click on the link to read more.

Yesterday, many of the cars arrived and were then pushed to their designated place in this area, to the right of the port. It's a delight for enthusiasts - every car has its own parking bay and display sign as you see in the smaller photograph.

It's easy to know who has just arrived in Monte Carlo - look at the white legs!

08 May 2008

Garden Club of Monaco - The Setting

The exhibition is held in the grounds of the Terrasses du Casino which is a beautiful area just below the Opera House. Sometimes it's almost too much - magnificent buildings, a plethora of trees and plants and of course, the sheer beauty of the coastline. In the top right-hand photo we are looking towards Cap Martin and beyond that, Menton and in the distance, Italy.

07 May 2008

Garden Club of Monaco - Raku

The Garden Club of Monaco held their 41st Concours International de Bouquets last weekend - a welcome respite from the chaos of the Grand Prix preparations. This year the beautiful flower arrangements were on the subject of the Ecology. Princess Caroline opened the Concours alongside her husband, Prince Ernst of Hanover. She also acted as one of the judges. Apart from the main tents that housed the bouquets, there were many beautiful displays in the Terrasses du Casino. We'll see the overall setting tomorrow.

Here you see a stand selling beautiful Raku pottery and in the distance - Cap Martin.

The talented potter of these statuettes is Yana Frediani who lives in Mandelieu, just along the coast near to Cannes.

06 May 2008


A Lamborghini outside the American Bar of the Hôtel de Paris. Note the number plate- this is the Monaco temporary number plate which means this is a brand new car awaiting permanent plates or has been transferred from one owner to another. These temporary number plates are given whilst the permanent ones are being made.

05 May 2008

Le Rocher

Taken just after 7 a.m. yesterday on the way to Monaco from Menton. I stopped the car, Roquebrune village is way up to my right - this is the view from the road, zoomed in on the Rock.

The tall building you see is the Oceanographic Museum. Click on the link to see this beautiful building from the other side.

04 May 2008

Monte Carlo Ladies - 11

Remember Marlon Brando - and his leather jacket - in The Wild One? A 1953 movie that was banned in Britain for 18 years. As I walked up the hill from the port towards Casino square, I snapped this leather-clad couple, deep in conversation leaning over a wall, half hidden in vegetation.

Black and white or colour? In the end I felt colour shows better her beautiful skin - I like the contrast of skin, leather and palms. Richard's comment (Zurich Daily Photo) convinced me to change it. So here are both versions.

03 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - The Television Screen

Monte Carlo is slowly being surrounded by its annual ring of steel in preparation for the Monaco Grand Prix, and prior to that, the Grand Prix Historique. This enormous steel structure is for the massive television screen which can be seen by the spectators in the stands around the port area, which is to our right. They get the race twice - before their very eyes and on this screen, which gives all the technical detail they might need.

The road behind the barrier to the left is Avenue d'Ostende which is the part of the track that runs steeply uphill from the port (and the Start/Finish line) to Casino Square.

02 May 2008

Phoning home?

This man is working way above the Grimaldi Forum - that's the light green building you can just see in the small photograph. I haven't a clue what he's fixing. Does anyone know?

The Grimaldi Forum is where the beautiful exhibition - The Grace Kelly Years - was held last year.

01 May 2008

Theme Day: Numbers

Vroom-vroom! Monte Carlo is madly busy preparing for the 66th Monaco Grand Prix and so this sign - one of many you see around the track - seems appropriate for today's Theme. If you'd like more numbers take a look at the small photo (click to enlarge) - it shows numbered parts for the massive stands currently under construction in the Principality.

Today, being the first of the month, it's City Daily Photo Theme Day with 181 different cities taking part.Please click here to view thumbnails for all participants where you'll find originality and beautiful photographs waiting to delight you.
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