31 March 2011

The Buddha Bar

The entrance to the Buddha Bar which opened last June. The afternoon light was just right for this reflection in one of the windows.

30 March 2011

Yellow Tulips

Monaco is ablaze with yellow tulips at the moment. The Casino gardens are full of them and here too - in Avenue des Beaux-Arts - outside Dior.

29 March 2011

Salon de Jeux Privés

It's always fun to photograph reflections in the curved entrance of the Salon de Jeux Privés, which is just down the slope from the main Casino.

28 March 2011

The Child and the Giraffe

A children's birthday party on Larvotto Beach.

27 March 2011


Peekaboo in the Lanvin windows in Place du Casino.

'False face must hide what the false heart doth know.' ~ William Shakespeare

26 March 2011

Hot or Cold?

Either the two gentlemen wearing suits and eating lunch on Larvotto Beach are feeling the heat or the man in the background is cold... What do you think?

25 March 2011

Right Side Up in the Japanese Gardens

'The world is wrong side up. It needs to be turned upside down in order to be right side up.'

~ Billy Sunday

24 March 2011

Monaco Mourns...

Monaco mourns HSH Princess Antoinette who died the other day. Note how all the flags, even tiny ones in a jewellry shop window, are tied up with black ribbon.

The funeral takes place today.

23 March 2011

Bird's Eye View

Sometimes it's helpful to have a bird's eye view... Here is a small garden - mostly lavenders and rosemary I think - opposite La Rose des Vents on Avenue Princesse Grace. Pretty, isn't it?

For anyone interested, I took this from the 19th floor of the Formentor building - and leaning well over the edge of the balcony!

22 March 2011

HSH Princess Antoinette

After all the razzmatazz of the Venetians, let's pause for peace in the Japanese Garden.

A sad time in Monaco at the moment as Princess Antoinette died a few days ago. Princess Antoinette was the sister of Prince Rainier, father to Prince Albert and his sisters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie. She was 90 years old. The Principality is now in mourning for two weeks with the funeral taking place on Thursday. She had quite a life and was married three times - click on the link.

Princess Antoinette adored dogs, indeed she kept many dogs at her house, Au Bout du Monde, at Eze-bord-de-Mer. She was involved in animals rights and was President of Monaco's Society for the Protection of Animals. She was very knowledgeable on the subject of dogs and I remember a lovely conversation I had with her at one of the Monaco dog shows when I sat opposite her at lunch that day.

21 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova lived between 1725 and 1798 and was a famous Ventian womanizer. How did he do it in those heels?

20 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - Hair

Perhaps not as sharp an image as would be ideal, but I just had to show you this hair! And what about that nifty red number in the smaller photo.

Tomorrow, the man himself: Casanova...

19 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - One for the Ladies

After so many beautiful ladies, how about a good looking young man...

18 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - Everything's coming up Roses...

Even for Monte Carlo, one might say this is a little over the top!

17 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - Dressing Up

Apart from the chilly weather it must have been such fun to dress up in all these stunning Venetian costumes. Helps if you are beautiful too...

16 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - Costume and Cloud

As you can see, cloud hangs low over the Casino Gardens. Not ideal conditions for a good photo but of course everyone pulls out a camera.

15 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - the Wig

An enormous wig and scant clothing on a chilly grey day in Casino Square. This lady smiled through it all. Good for her!

14 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - the Faces

Often, the faces were as fascinating as the costumes. Each participant took his or her role very seriously and stayed in character as they wandered around Casino Square.

13 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo - the Clowns

Venetian clowns pose in front of one of the fountains in Casino Square - and below, crossing the road to the Casino.

12 March 2011

Venice in Monte Carlo

Casino Square yesterday... a gloomy, overcast day until Venice came to Monte Carlo with wondrous costumes, masks and all the drama of Commedia dell'arte.

The couple in the smaller photo pose outside the Hotel de Paris.

11 March 2011

Flowers at La Note Bleue

La Note Bleue on Larvotto Beach always has such beautiful flowers. Wonder who does them?

10 March 2011

Lunch in the Wind?

The tables are set for lunch but I wonder how many braved the winds at La Note Bleue on Larvotto Beach. In fact, probably quite a lot did, as I took this around 11h 45 and within an hour the wind had dropped considerably.

09 March 2011

And the Wind she did Blow...

Larvotto Beach yesterday with a fierce wind and crashing waves.

08 March 2011

International Women's Day

Not a painting to be hung on your wall but a chest of drawers for sale at a Foire in Monaco last October. However, the reason for showing this photo is not to influence your interior decor (as if I would dare...) but to use the image of a woman to celebrate the centenary of International Women's Day.

You can see a young girl running towards her future on Menton Daily Photo today.

Here's to all my women friends - I couldn't exist without you...

07 March 2011

The Frieze

The facade of the Hermitage Hotel along with its famous frieze has been repainted - and very well too.
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