30 June 2009

Tour de France - Mont Ventoux

This sculpture , which is near to Monaco's market, represents one of the mountains the cyclists will have to conquer in this year's Tour de France. Mont Ventoux is a climb of over 1000 metres and a 167 kilometres run. The red and white stone at the base has N7 written on it, the number of the road. Afficionados of the Tour will remember when Richard Virenque reached the summit of Mont Ventoux in 2002 - one of the Tour's great moments.

The plaque showing the artist's name was missing but when I find out, I'll add the name.

The hill in the background is the rocher (the rock) where you find the palace, the cathedral and the Oceanographic museum. This is the oldest part of Monaco.

The back up teams arrive in Monaco today but for several days now, we've seen cyclists everywhere, even on the Route de Gorbio, the road that leads to my village. Of course, it's hard to know if they are the real thing as even amateur cyclists wear all the gear but they looked pretty fit to me!

It's getting exciting - the first time in history that the Tour de France will start in Monaco.

29 June 2009

Tour de France - 'Super Eagles' - Lance Armstrong

One or two of the eagle sculptures featured in the gardens of Monaco relate to the Tour de France. This one is constructed using one of Lance Armstrong's bikes. The artist is Martin Caminiti. In the background, you see the doorman of the Metropole Hotel.

28 June 2009


One of our fellow bloggers is Amir in Iran (Tehran Live). Following the recent elections and after the 17th June, his blog was blocked and recently he was picked up and is now in prison. Today, the City Daily Photo Community is coming together in solidarity for our courageous friend and for freedom and democracy for the people of Iran.


For Updates on Amir - click on this link.

These photographs show a caged eagle by the artist Silvie Brière - this is part of an exhibition of eagles in the Casino Gardens and throughout the Principality. We'll see more after the Tour de France.

To see how other CDP bloggers are supporting our friend and the people of Iran, please click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

This great news came through the night of the 28th - and he is home with his family. Oh Happy Day!

27 June 2009

Tour de France - 'Quantum Physics'

Another sculpture, in honour of the Tour de France which departs from Monaco this year.

Place: Square Gastaud. The work: 'Quantum Physics' The artist: Cruiz.

26 June 2009

Tour de France - the Poster

Everywhere you look you see this poster. Not long now and the madness will begin.

25 June 2009

Tour de France - The Angel

The greatest cycling race in the world, the Tour de France, starts in Monaco on the 4th July. It has passed through Monaco before but never started here. A great honour for the Principality.

In Rue Princesse Caroline, the pedestrian street, 20 artists have created works to mark the event.

Look up, and you see this creation by Véronique Champollion.

24 June 2009

The Monte Carlo Dog

Meet Nina, a Monte Carlo dog in the arms of a Monte Carlo lady - owner of the G.A.M Galerie d'Art in Monaco.

Nina is half Chihuahua and half Papillon and nearly one year old - still only a puppy.

I was walking through the Gallery of the Winter Sporting in Casino Square and noticed a vernissage taking place in this beautiful art gallery. One of the owner's assistants kindly invited me in and put a glass of vin rosé in my hand. The vernissage was for two talented artists, one a sculptor and the other a photographer - yes, I know I should have taken note of names but put a glass of wine in my hand and give me a dog to photograph and that's it!

You can see another photograph of Nina and a little more of the gallery on Riviera Dogs today - second photo.

23 June 2009

Dior and Denim

The Avenue des Beaux Arts is known as the most expensive shopping street in Monaco. It runs from the Place du Casino to Avenue Princesse Alice and the Hôtel Hermitage. This is the street to walk, if you want to spend serious money on designer clothes and jewels in Monte Carlo.

22 June 2009

The Monumental Heads

Two more monumental heads by the Spanish artist, Manolo Valdés, currently on display in the Casino Gardens. Well, actually three: the sculpture in the large photo is called Ivy. Tucked behind you see Ada.

And in the smaller photograph - where the person in red gives you an idea of the great size of these works, the sculpture is called Dama 1.

21 June 2009

Monte Carlo Lady - Pink and Blue

Pink and blue - mauve too. One shoulder bare. Silver shoes, white hat. She walks past the Hôtel de Paris on Casino Square.

20 June 2009


The Casino Garden boasts many spectacular and rare trees but at the moment, none create shade and catch the eye quite like the beautiful jacarandas.

19 June 2009

The Lady and the Queen

An attractive lady photographs Regina - a 2005 sculpture by the Spanish artist, Manolo Valdés - part of an exhibition of his monumental heads in the Casino Gardens. The blue tree is a Jacaranda.

There is an absolutely beautiful sculpture of Queen Mariana, by Manolo Valdés, below the Opera House. Click on the link.

18 June 2009

The Tiger

'Tiger' guards the Monte Carlo Bay Resort & Hotel.

Created by the Croatian-born sculptor, Mornar, you can read more about the artist by clicking on the link.

17 June 2009


This is the Ladies/Women's loo at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort Hotel.

In the smaller photograph someone has crossed out Femmes and written Dames. A dame being a lady, and a femme being a woman. What is even more surprising is that no one in the hotel has cleaned it up.

So which should it be?

16 June 2009

Larvotto Beach - the Jazz Lounge at La Note Bleue

La Note Bleue is not only a beach restaurant but also a Jazz Lounge at night - you see a small part of it here. The ambiance is superb. And always beautiful fresh flowers.

The friendly servers we saw a couple of days ago work here.

15 June 2009

Larvotto Beach - the Furniture Painter

You don't expect to see furniture for sale on the beach, do you?

If you get bored with bronzing yourself, you can find all sorts of interesting things to buy for your house or apartment. And you can even watch the furniture being painted. You'll find these delights near to La Spiaggia, which is the end of the beach nearest to the Monte Carlo Bay Resort Hotel.

A couple of days ago, Diederick from Arona Every Day visited Monaco and I had the great pleasure of meeting him and his son and daughter-in-law. Do click on the link to take a look.

14 June 2009

Larvotto Beach - La Note Bleue

Meet David and Sandra, two of the friendly servers at La Note Bleue, the beach restaurant and Jazz Lounge on Larvotto Beach.

13 June 2009

Larvotto Beach - the Parasols

We're back at Larvotto Beach. A cruise ship is out at sea. Tables are being prepared for lunch at the Miami Plage restaurant.

12 June 2009

Toys for Boys

If you own a mega yacht, it seems you own a Ferrari. This one was parked alongside one of the big yachts. The tyre looks brand new, doesn't it?

11 June 2009

Men at Work

Crew members move cushions from one end of this boat to the other.

10 June 2009

No Day Work

If you walk alongside the yachts in port, you'll see notices on most of the entry-phones: Fully Crewed. No Day Work.

Click to see more of the Lady Lola.

09 June 2009

Grand Prix - Truth

The Grand Prix wouldn't be the Grand Prix without a plethora of pretty girls.

Here's one who was working on one of the many stalls selling Grand Prix memorabilia. She was friendly and smiling yet in this photograph she looks pensive, with a quiet dignity. Photographs are so much of the moment - the instant we press that button, aren't they? Do they tell the truth or not?

08 June 2009

Grand Prix - Turquoise on the Red Carpet

One of the many stands in the pedestrian street where the vendor is getting ready for Practice Day.

07 June 2009

Grand Prix - What's wrong?

Alright, not the greatest photo, I agree, but there is something wrong in this first photo.

We are in Monaco, yet the policeman is French. The smaller photograph shows you a Monaco policeman.

The French policeman told me he (and others) had been called in to help during Grand Prix week. I think he was enjoying himself on the streets of Monaco.

06 June 2009

Grand Prix - the Dummies

At Grand Prix time even the dummies in the windows wear ear protection. We're in Rue Grimaldi, which is primarily a shopping street. The reflections though show shutters and balconies from apartments above the shops.

05 June 2009

Grand Prix - the Tyre Movers

During a break between practice sessions, suddenly the track got busy with snakes of tyres being towed from the Pit Lane and along part of the track. Each team had a different colour vehicle with guys holding onto the tyres to prevent them falling off.

04 June 2009

Watching the Grand Prix: 7 - be a Marshal

Of course I'm kidding. These marshals are highly trained and I doubt they get to see much of the Grand Prix, as they'd need to be totally vigilant in their work at every second. It's also dangerous.

There are 650 marshals at the Monaco Grand Prix. The ones you see here (taken on the Thursday during a break between practice) are known as Chefs de Poste. There are also Commmissaires au feu, Commissaires de signalisation and Commissaires d'intervention. The ones you see here, I believe, are the ones who would quickly remove a crashed car by hooking it up to one of the many cranes around the track, allowing the race to continue as soon as possible.

These marshals are sitting alongside a statue on the edge of the port of Louis Chiron, the Monegesque Gentleman Driver, a major part of Bugatti's history. Please click on the link to read about this legendary man.

There are other ways of watching the Grand Prix and I don't have special photographs - from one of the hotels, for instance, and also from a restaurant. I read in Nice-Matin that seats at one of the port restaurants were available at 650 euros a head.

Tomorrow - more shots of Monaco at Grand Prix time.

03 June 2009

Watching the Grand Prix: 6 - from a Yacht

The smaller photographs shows how close some of the yachts are to the track - others are a little further away and then, presumably, you'd need a pretty big boat to see what is going on.

(Thanks very much to Rick from Manhattan Beach, California for the following information)

The biggest boat in the photograph belongs to Flavio Briatore, owner of the Renault team and is called Force Blue.

To the left is Georgio Armani's yacht, My Mariu apparently no longer used by him as he's bought another and it's up for sale. Click on the links to see more details of these yachts.
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