30 April 2014

Art Monaco - Two pretty girls

Two pretty girls at Art Monaco. 

29 April 2014

Art Monaco - Géraldine Morin

Géraldine Morin shows wonderfully vibrant positive art. She lives and works in Saint Paul de Vence,  home to many artists in the south of France.

Thierry Sznytka wrote:

" A bright witness of youth, each work of art which is both a sculpture and a painting is an answer to the grey monotony of life."

28 April 2014

Art Monaco - Thierry Blum's horse

Each year the Grimaldi Forum holds a four day exhibition - Art Monaco. It features artists from all over the world, from classical art to crazy modern - you find something for every taste at Art Monaco.

This is a part of the display on the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum. The horse is made entirely of horseshoes and is byFrench sculptor, Thierry Blum.

27 April 2014

Comfortable beach shoes ...

The sun's out and the girls are wearing their comfy beach shoes again ...

26 April 2014

An Axe, a Shovel and a Jeep

You don't really expect to see an American jeep driving past the casino in Monte Carlo, do you?

I assume it's an American jeep?  There's a shovel and an axe fixed to the side.  Is the guy a gardener in the Principality?  Perhaps he's a rich American who likes driving around in a jeep.  He's  got a sort of longish crew-cut.  A mystery.  Nevertheless he was more than happy to have his photo taken and I was more than happy to take it. Thankyou nice smiling man!

25 April 2014

Marcos Marin's Marilyn

And here is the rest of the sculpture I showed you yesterday.  It's Marilyn Monroe by the well-known Brazilion artist, Marcos Marin.  Marcos lives and works in Monaco.

24 April 2014

Guess the sculpture...

This is a small part of a sculpture currently being exhibited on the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum. Can you guess the subject?  To see the entire work, come back tomorrow.

23 April 2014

Super Cars - the Zenvo (2)

Here's the Zenvo Supercar we saw yesterday, alongside a black one.  Note the photographer lying on the ground to get the right shot.  This was taken from the 19th floor of the apartment building opposite.

22 April 2014

Super Cars - the Zenvo

The exhibition 'Top Marques' finished on Sunday and so yesterday in Monaco, everywhere you looked supercars were having their photographs taken.

This is the Zenvo - a Danish-built car and a snip if you've around a million dollars US.  (some websites show it costing less, some more) and I believe a $50,000 watch is thrown in ...  I guess if you have to ask you can't afford it!

21 April 2014

The Bull's Sore Leg

Ooops! Looks like the bull in the carousel in the children's playground in Fontvieille won't be going far!

20 April 2014

A Pat on the Back

A pat on the back. 

This is the cafe outside the Carrefour shopping centre in Fontvieille.

19 April 2014


Ladurée means macarons! This is their shop in the Metropole Centre.

18 April 2014

The Window Cleaner ...

Reflections at the Metropole Centre.  Can you spot the window cleaner?

17 April 2014

Promenade with palms

This is the promenade that runs from Avenue Princesse Grace around the back of the Grimaldi Forum.  To our left (out of the picture) is Larvotto beach.  People run, dogs get walked, kids rollerblade along here.

16 April 2014

Monaco Grand Prix - No Pedestrian Crossing

Preparations for the Monaco Grand Prix means the road, which of course becomes the race track, has been re-surfaced - hence these school kids are walking across a pedestrian crossing that at the moment isn't!  You can see where the lines have been drawn to eventually paint in the white zebra stripes.

15 April 2014

Scene at Larvotto Beach

Perhaps the guy in the background is calling her!

14 April 2014

Lanvin boxes

Rubbish outside the Lanvin shop in Casino Square.

Aren't they nice boxes!   If I hadn't been laden with camera and bag, I'd have brought them home to use as shoe boxes (which presumably they are) or to file something.

13 April 2014


Czarina's window in the Winter Sporting.

12 April 2014

Covered in green

Women are obviously covering their faces this spring ...

11 April 2014

Monte Carlo Railway Station 2

Doubtless a boring photo if you live in Monaco and know the railway station,  but if not, here it is.

10 April 2014

Monte Carlo Railway Station

Monte Carlo railway station.

09 April 2014

Hotel de Paris, Monaco

A welcome over the entrance to the Hotel de Paris in Casino Square.

08 April 2014

07 April 2014

People and phones

Metropole Centre

With their eyes fixed on their phones, people are so easy to snap these days.

06 April 2014

Fit and Zen

Keeping fit.  This lady is running along Avenue d'Alsace, which is opposite the entrance to Monaco's railway station - but is in Beausoleil, and therefore France.

05 April 2014

Breakfast Meeting

Marble floors, marble walls, a sweeping staircase, a towering plant pot, beautiful art on the walls - this is the cafe on the lowest floor of the Metropole centre.  A good place for a breakfast business meeting.

04 April 2014

Red Tulips

Red tulips in front of the casino.

03 April 2014

02 April 2014

Monte Carlo Dogs

If you want to meet people, buy a dog!

01 April 2014

Life's a Beach

It could be a desert island, couldn't it? In fact, it's Larvotto Beach in Monaco.
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