31 January 2014

Bateau Bus

The Bateau Bus - Monaco's best kept secret. For 2 euros you can cross the port and pretend you are in one of the luxury yachts. It runs every 30 minutes and is powered by solar energy.

30 January 2014


Shadowplay in Monaco.

29 January 2014

The Summer Sporting of Monaco

Yesterday in Monaco.  We are looking at the Summer Sporting in the foreground - here you find all the big stars performing in summer. And here you'll find Jimmyz nightclub too.  Beyond that you see a  tiny promontory with the Restaurant La Vigie. And in the distance, Cap Martin.

28 January 2014

How to Relax ...

Fontvieille Harbour

Too much technology?  It's always therapeutic to walk amongst the boats and look at the ever-changing patterns in the water.

27 January 2014

Louis Vuitton's geese

This is a photo I took before Christmas - hence the Santa Claus hat on the top goose! I'd rejected it because the woman's feet are out of frame - but needs must - with so many roads still impassable in Gorbio it takes so long to get to Monaco at the moment then I'm showing you old pics.

26 January 2014

Love in Monte Carlo

'Where there is love there is life.'

Mahatma Gandhi

25 January 2014


Designer bag, cute dog - must be Monte Carlo ...

24 January 2014

Asleep at the Wheel

If the guy who parks those expensive cars outside the casino blinks as he is parking a car and you click the shutter at the same time he looks 'asleep at the wheel' - which he isn't.

23 January 2014

Larvotto in winter

Larvotto beach in winter. No tanned bodies - just seagulls.

22 January 2014

Hôtel Hermitage - Gustave Eiffel's cupola

This is the beautiful cupola of the Winter Garden in the Hôtel Hermitage - designed by the renowned Gustave Eiffel of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

21 January 2014

Hôtel Hermitage - the Winter Garden

The central seating arrangement in the Winter Garden of the Hôtel Hermitage.

20 January 2014

Steps, steps

You need to be fit if you live in this part of Beausoleil.  Beausoleil is in France, of course, but borders Monaco.   In fact, some streets are Monaco on one side and Beausoleil on another.

This photo was taken in 2010 on the camera before the camera before the .... and in those days I took photos only in jpg format.

19 January 2014

Morning constitutional

An early morning walk near the Grimaldi Forum.

18 January 2014

Bubble wrapped!

Bubble wrapped!

17 January 2014

Mirrored columns

This is a photo of reflections from two mirrored columns in a Monaco shopping centre. The first two sections are two sides of one column.  The third one is not a reflection. And the fourth is another reflection.

16 January 2014

Ferrari and Rolls Royce

This is an alternative view of the cars we saw yesterday.  That's the Hotel de Paris on the left, the Casino entrance is behind me.  The Christmas trees have now been removed so if you'd like to see a LIVE WEBCAM of Casino Square, click on the link.

15 January 2014

Cars at Place du Casino

You only get your car parked on Casino Square if it's something special ...

14 January 2014

Walk to Monaco

Monaco seen from the point of Cap Martin.  You can walk along the Promenade Le Cobusier all the way from here to Monaco.

13 January 2014

Ignoring Dior ...

Ignoring Dior ...

12 January 2014

Celebrity cow!

The cow seems more interested in being photographed than in holding the little girl's hand. 

Obviously a cow who craves celebrity.

11 January 2014

10 January 2014


Outside the Louis Vuitton shop in Monte Carlo.

Lust for a sports car ...

09 January 2014

Waiting for the bus

This beauty has two wheelies and an enormous flat package and is waiting for a bus that probably never arrived.  The reason?  Later I saw her at the bus stop on the other side of the road ... still waiting.

08 January 2014

Cathedral by night

Monaco's cathedral at night.  This is where HSH Prince Rainier III and HSH Princess Grace are buried.

07 January 2014

The Christmas Village - Nougat

If you like nougat, look no further.  Here you'll find every flavour you can imagine and cut for you freshly whilst you wait. 

06 January 2014

05 January 2014

04 January 2014

The Christmas Village - in a bauble

The Christmas village in a bauble.

03 January 2014

The Christmas Village - Chocolate Marshmallows

On sale at the Christmas Village - twisty chocolate marshmallows.

02 January 2014

The Christmas Village - Snowman!

Suddenly the village was invaded by a posse
of live snowmen! All happy to stop and pose for a photo.

01 January 2014

The Palace and Happy 2014!

The Prince's Palace on le rocher.  Wishing you all a happy and peaceful and healthy 2014. Thanks so much for all the kind and encouraging comments on my photos over the last year (blogs and Facebook). It means a lot to me.. Thank you!
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