22 April 2010

Top Marques - the Decorative Lady

Helmut Hartung in Andorra built this rather strange car that goes really fast (300 km/h). The seats he got from a wrecked Boeing! Helmut is the owner of a German company famous for its high quality motor cycle helmets.

He had the right idea tho in promoting his dream: two pretty girls draped over the car all day which meant it was constantly surrounded by photographers.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I know models are traditional at car shows, and I am sure that the technique has proven to be successful, which is why it has continued for so long.

But, it would seem to me that a car like this would attract a lot of attention without the need for any models.

And why do the models look bored? Is it just that they want to look unapproachable by us ordinary people?

Is she wearing sun glasses indoors? What is that about? My wife will on rare occasions wear sun glasses out and keep them on indoors when she has not had time to do her eye makeup, but I don't think that is the case with these models.

Now that I have ridiculed this car show, I will confess that I did take my 20-something son, who is a real car nut, to my Mercedes dealership when they had a fancy reception and fashion show at the dealership. The fashion show, of course, featured a bunch of models who also mingled with the crowd.

It was a challenge for some of the people to eat at the reception while their jaws were dropping to the floor.

Kate said...

Gull wing doors on cars have always fascinated me. I often wonder how they work in tight parking spaces. I recall seeing cars with these door features years ago; I think they were Mercedes. The marketing and packaging of these cars using beautiful women is a no-brainer, I think.

richard said...

Cant help thinking they would have been better off with one of my barbies. This "lady" doesn't look so realistic. I like her weird Diana Vickers lobster claw in the smaller picture. It may be a Back to the Future inspired car but those white Dior heels from Spring/Summer 2008... Come on, Girl!

B SQUARED said...

The man understands marketing.

Virginia said...

I'd rather have another look at the car guy you posted earlier in the week! :)

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