16 June 2010

Casino Square - the Waiter

Another snippet of life in Monaco - a waiter on the terrace of the Café de Paris.

A great place to sit, watch the world go by and enjoy a noisette and croissant.


Ola said...

You make great pictures of every day life!

Virginia said...

Noisette in the morning! :) Great portrait. I chatted it up with some waiters yesterday and got a few myself.

Jilly said...

I normally prefer a noisette in the morning, Virginia but an espresso after a meal. That tiny bit of milk is right in the morning for me.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Ola's comment above appropriately complimented you on your ability to portray "everyday life." It may be everyday life in Monaco, but not in most of the world.

I picked up a souvenir coffee table book on a trip to Santa Barbara, California, which has similarities to the Riviera. One of the photos in the book had the caption, "In Santa Barbara, being a heir is a common and respectable profession."

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