18 April 2011

Clouds over the Queen Mary II

The Queen Mary II moored outside the 'digue' (floating pontoon) in Port Hercule - four days ago.

In the background is Cap Martin. If you go to Menton Daily Photo today you'll find a couple of shots of Monaco taken from Cap Martin.


rocteur said...

Yes, I took a few great shots as well, and I rode back to Menton in the rain ;-( But it was the only time we had rain so that was good!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I would think that would be a lot of people to ferry on and off the ship by tender if the ship cannot pull up to a pier.

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous scene. The clouds are amazing.

Unknown said...

Doesn't look as the Ventura, which appeared when we were there.

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