21 September 2011

Classic Week - the Cruise Ship

Even Classic Week doesn't stop the massive great cruise ships arriving in Monaco. This is the Ruby Princess, her decks crammed with passengers getting their first view of Monte Carlo.


Pierre BOYER said...

Une belle invitation au voyage...


Avocaken said...

Egad! A person who has no sense of direction (me) would be lost somewhere inside that huge vessel! Wonder how many "souls" are on this voyage?


Bob Crowe said...

Leviathan, isn't it? Since you've met us you know that Carolyn and I have somewhat offbeat tastes in travel but we couldn't imagine spending a week on one of these. Mass entertainment for mass tastes. The last time we took a cruise (and it's been years) the ship held 89 and there were only 36 passengers that week. Delightful.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo.......disappointed in your new format. One of the most amazing things about your blog besides your insightful and interesting commentary is that all the pictures could be seen full screen. Now you click on a picture and you get sent to another page with 2 or more pics that can only be seen as 3/4 size, no more large pics! Bummer!

Jilly said...

Anonymous, it's not MY new format. This is what Blogger has done. There is a massive campaign now to get Blogger to stop this and give us the choice whether or not to use this 'Lightbox' format. I HATE it too.

So sorry, nothing I can do.

I know you can enlarge all the pics by clicking on them, not just the main one.

Also, if you click on the link that appears below a photo it will come up larger still.

I so agree with you on this - those of us who use the Blogger platform at least want the choice to use this format or NOT.

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