22 September 2011

Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show started yesterday - wall to wall luxury yachts, thousands of people, a perfect sunny day.

Some of the yachts are so big they reflect several smaller ones.


Unknown said...

Congratulations for City Out Monaco using your photos on their website. Must be pleased

Jilly said...

Gailsman, yes. In fact, you'll find a lot of my work on City Out Monaco. Loads of articles and photos. Put my name into the Interactive Search.

Jilly said...

Gailsman (Chris) I meant to say that CityOut Monaco is a fantastic website and resource for absolutely everything Monaco and around. Glad that you know it.

Unknown said...

I have it as a 'like' on Facebook, so i get regular updates. Shame that we don't have anything similar here, as I could get a few shots in it

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