04 September 2011

Sign of the Times

The creation is called Le Signe du Temps and is by sculptor, André Bücher. It stands below the Grimaldi Forum and was given to Prince Rainier III on the occasion of his Jubilee in 2002 by the Swiss community in Monaco.


Ann said...

That is one lovely piece of art.

And what lovely shots.

Nathalie H.D. said...

The art piece's shape matches that of the yacht beautifully. Both seem to proceed from the same line of thought - sharp, well designed, a bit flashy, perfectly suited to Monaco!

Congratulations to you for seeing the link and including the yacht in your photo, it really brings something extra.

Nathalie H.D. said...

(from a composition point of view I wonder whether you could have stood a bit higher or held your camera a bit higher so that the yacht could have appeared detached from the hand rail rather than sitting on it the way it is)

RedPat said...

Love the piece and your 1st shot!

Jilly said...


Yes, I rejected this photo when I took it a month ago for the very reason you mention. Am not at all happy with the composition and that the yacht is joined to the railing. My problem was that the yacht was going surprisingly fast and actually I was almost shooting into the sun so couldn't see that well. Anyway, I didn't have time to change the setting and take the shot looking into the screen, rather than the viewfinder. The yacht would have been long gone.(On my camera you have to make this change)and I'm not tall enough to look into the viewfinder and to have done what you suggest. They were grabbed shots as I was late for lunch with friends. In the end I thought I'd use it hoping it pleased regardless but am more than aware of the faults in composition and should know that a photographer of your quality would notice!

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