06 January 2012

David Niven's Square

A door opens onto the small square at the back of David Niven's house which was named in his honour - Place David Niven.

The house itself is also a movie star, having appeared, with a cameo from Niven, in the otherwise unwatchable Trail of the Pink Panther (1983) . Peter Sellers had died, and Niven was dying, so the film is a morgue-like stitching together of old clips of Sellers, while Niven has his voice dubbed by someone else.> - thanks again to Alex Went and CityOutMonaco for the information.


Passione Helena said...

What a beautiful building!
It makes me only more curious ... What a story own this house!

Thanks for sharing.

Have a good weekend.
Helena x

Unknown said...

This shot is so inviting - I can make up a million stories about those doors!

Catherine said...

Happy New Yearbto you -I love this walk along Cap Ferrat

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