11 August 2012

Concert at the Palace - Ute Lemper

German chanteuse, Ute Lemper, sang beautifully - and dramatically - the songs of Berlin - of Paris.  She sang Kurt Weill, Jacques Brel, Milord, L'Accordeoniste, the Saga of Jenny.  My favourite was when she sang Lili Marlene a cappella.  Superb! And she finished with Cabaret and All that Jazz.  You can read about Ute Lemper's illustrious career by clicking on the link - and hear her singing too.

The conductor was Lawrence Foster with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.


Nikon said...

That red dress in the bright lights really grabs you.
A great photo arrangement, Jilly!

Unknown said...

Did she sing in German, French or English, or maybe a mixture of all three

Bob Crowe said...

Kurt Weill and the Little Sparrow - how completely different. The top picture is vibrant - love the warmth.

Jilly said...

Chris, she sang in the language of the song, so therefore ... Lili Marlene in German, Milord in French, Chicago in English and so on. Some of these songs have been translated of course but she always sung in the original.

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