20 January 2013

The Audi RS 5

This car, the Audi RS 5 cabriolet, was on display in the small area of garden in front of the Hotel Hermitage before Christmas. I wonder why it was on display here and not in a car showroom?


Anonymous said...

Maybe because here people happen to see it and in the show room they only go when they want to look at a car?
Barbara from Germany

Andy said...

Nice candid photo.

boyfrombeach said...

The RS5 is a car of little practical use other than the maximum of driving fun in a two-ton heavy convertible. For half the price of a Bentley Continental GT - which is the car you'd expect to see here in Monte Carlo - the Audi packs an enormous amount of high-tech to get up to four people from A to B. For the owners of the Bentley a likely car for the wife or the kids?

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