12 May 2013

Grand Prix de Monaco - the Pit Lane Stand

Monaco is wearing her usual mantle of steel as she prepares for the Monaco Grand Prix which takes place on the 26th May.  Here you see the stand that faces the pit lane.  Behind this stand is Port Hercule.  We'll see a photo of the other side tomorrow.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Do they let people drive around on the race course? That would b fun.

Jilly said...

Of course! The race course is/are the streets of Monaco!

Anonymous said...

Dave, It's a street circuit which means it's retro fitted to meet the specifications for a F1 race but essentially it's the Monaco streets. I imagine that when driving around the coast locals imagine themselves as F1 pilots and go as far as making roaring engine sound effects....,


Jilly said...

Dave and Leo, right, whenever I have a visitor we do the whole Grand Prix circuit with appropriate vroom vroom noises. the only difference is we go around casino square in the opposite direction to that of race day. Otherwise it's the same - just a bit slower .... !

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