16 October 2013

The Head of the Dog

The 'Tête du Chien' (head of the dog) that looms over Monaco.  This photo was taken from Fontvieille, near to the Parc Paysager.


Anonymous said...

I've always been confused about this Tete du Chien.
Am I missing something, or does this rock formation not look anything like a dog?
A head, OK, maybe, just because it is round, but no muzzle or ears or anything of any dog I've ever seen.
Unless this is some mixed breed I've never heard of (i.e. a blobface!), why is it called this?

Jilly said...

When you look at the mountain from a distance, the shape is like a dog with a head. You don't see it in close-up as in this photo. However, he Dog's Head was a strategic military site over many turbulent centuries. The Occitan name is Testa promontory camp, or "end of the military camp," which is pronounced like testa can, "head dog." A little imagination can recognize the wave profile of a dog and validate this false etymology.

Jilly said...

I got the above from Wikipedia, so let's hope it's right.

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