26 November 2013

The Midget outside the Cafe de Paris

This cute car is a rally car, parked opposite the Cafe de Paris. It's an MG midget I believe - UK number plates. You can see the names of the rally drivers inscribed on the side of the car. 


Gunn said...

Great car!
I love the b/w image.

It´s always nice to wake up, have a coffee and look at your new images you put out. Looking at them also make it feels warmer than it is here up in the north.

Happy new day!:)

Anonymous said...

Is that the drivers' blood type listed next to their names?!

I guess accidents happen, but I'd think twice before riding in a car that I have to list my blood type on the door!

(On another topic, no National Day photos this year? Was the weather too bad to go out?)

Jilly said...

Gunn, thankyou.

As for the blood type, I did wonder. Fascinating!

No, no National Day photos this year simply because I was exhibiting at PhotoMenton. PhotoMenton is always on during the same time in November. In fact National Day in Monaco was on the Tuesday, when Photomenton, like all museums, is closed, but I was so tired I didn't go. Hopefully next year. I love photographing the National Day. Weather was a bit grim too I seem to remember.

Unknown said...

A shame you didn't show the reg Jilly, as I, and probably many other could have told you its age. Going on what I can see, it looks like a late 60's, early 70s model, but the wheels are too modern. Probably special racing ones

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be the brand ambassador again, it's a mid 1960's MG Midget! The sticker on under on the door is from the "ACM" Automobile Club Monte-Carlo-Leo

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