16 April 2014

Monaco Grand Prix - No Pedestrian Crossing

Preparations for the Monaco Grand Prix means the road, which of course becomes the race track, has been re-surfaced - hence these school kids are walking across a pedestrian crossing that at the moment isn't!  You can see where the lines have been drawn to eventually paint in the white zebra stripes.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Good for the adults who help safeguard the children crossing the street.

We had the pleasure of meeting Bob of St. Louis Daily Photo on Monday evening. We understand that he will be visiting you again, and naturally we got out our champagne glasses from the Chateau d' Chèvre d' Or in Eze and talked warmly about the Riviera and you.

Unknown said...

Is the race on Sunday? Might watch it if it is on TV

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