22 November 2007

A night out in Monte Carlo - 7

We've dined, we cross the square and walk past the brightly lit Casino on our way to the carpark. The red and white flags, by the way, are to celebrate Monaco's National Day.

Another 'Night out in Monte Carlo' might include a visit to the Casino, perhaps we'd go to Jimmy'z, the famous nightclub - or to The Living Room, a piano bar where we can dance. Monte Carlo isn't short on nightlife.

When you visit the Casino you have to show your passport - which will then be photocopied - and you have to hand in your camera before entering this magnificent Belle Epoque building, designed by Charles Garnier, who designed the Paris Opera House. (Do click on the link) There is a charge for entering but it's well worth it to see the splendours within. Monaco citizens, called Monegasques - are not permitted to enter the casino. Monaco residents (there is a difference) are.

This is the last day of our Night out in Monte Carlo, but I know it won't be the last time we visit this part of Monte Carlo. Thanks so much for sharing the evening. I enjoyed your company.

And happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today.


julia said...

Thats cool to drool about!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

That is a really pretty building all lit up like that.

Thanks for taking us along on your night out Jilly. I know I really enjoyed it! :)

Now about that casino's "leave your camera at the door" policy...I wonder what would happen if you took two cameras in there and turned in only one...hmmmm.

lol :-D

Lynette said...

Once again, you've got a photo that conveys the beauty of its subject. Thanks!

Wayne said...

That's a really cool shot Jilly. I love the cool, blue glow in the over head, and in the clock & tower windows. And oh, some Beautiful People in the foreground.
Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris said...

Jilly, I have very much enjoyed this series! Thank you for doing it.

• Eliane • said...
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• Eliane • said...

Yeah, the difference between Monégasques and residents is quite substential. I once researched what it takes to become one, just for fun (my brother lives in Nice and works in Monaco, I thought I could give him some tips). I was surprised to find out is was so machist. As a woman, my chances to become Monégasque are zero. I think I'll survive though. ;)

A one star at Michelin is pretty great. More than that and it is so chichi that it's a bit annoying.

Ioanna said...

Great building!!! Impressive lighting!

Anonymous said...

This building is stunning Jilly and I love the blue lighting. Very interesting distinction between the Monegasques and residents. Would be interested to find out more about that when we visit next year.

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