19 January 2008

Circus! - the clowns

Every January we see the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival which takes place in the beautiful circus tent in Fontvieille. Today, following tradition, there was an Open Air Circus Show on the port on Monaco. I couldn't get through the crowd looking down on the show, so walked down to the level where it was being held, right in front of the yachts in the harbour. It was worse - people standing ten deep and I'm a titch so didn't have a hope of seeing what was going on, let alone getting a photograph. Suddenly I saw a few people sneaking through a barrier. Naturally I did the same. An official stopped me. 'Just one photograph?' I asked. He agreed and turned away - by then he had many more people to deal with so I carried on walking and ended up standing near to the dignitaries and official photographers. In fact, at one point, I tried taking a photograph of some cute children who were standing alongside me until the bodyguard stopped me and I realised they were Princess Stephanie's children.

You can see the decorative Casino building on the left hand side of the photograph. More fun at the circus tomorrow.

There were so many dogs waiting patiently whilst their owners watched the circus. If you want to see one - please click on the link.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting... I wanna go there!

Unknown said...

Just seen a tv programme about the Monaco Grand Prix and how much it costs to stage & that all the schools, offices & shops close and all the ordinary people leave town. From what I've seen from your site, it looks a great place, but I don't think I could ever afford to stay there.

Anonymous said...

The circus festival is HUGE there the Royal Family usually dress up.....looking forward to the photots :-)

Southern Heart said...

OK...I'll admit that clowns usually scare me a bit, but these didn't at all. Looks like fun!

I loved the dog photo, too (I posted one of my favorite dog pics today, also).

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Jilly said...

Gail's Man, you wouldn't need to stay in Monaco - you could stay nearby and visit. And many restaurants are very reasonaible. I had lunch on the port yesterday - a super meal - cost - with wine and coffee - 18 euros.

Clarice, it's on the final night of the competition that you see the royal family at the circus. I don't have tickets this year so won't be taking pics but perhaps I can show a link to a website after the event. I'll try.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol. I can't believe you managed to sneak right past security and right next to Princess Stephanie's kids! You're officially paparazzi now Jilly :-D

I love those huge clown shoes.

Anonymous said...

I'll just have to pick up a copy of Hello! :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

French clowns are so different from American clowns. I love the intricate outfit on the fellow.

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