21 January 2008

Circus! - the sealions

Here are the sealions. Personally, I don't visit the circus because of the animals. We have surely grown beyond all that and their exploitation. I did take some photographs of the elephants but I won't be publishing them. I thought them in poor condition and remember last year, when I saw them in their tent, one was rocking back and forth - not a happy camper. As for the big cats in their cages - no way.

However, my friend, whose apartment overlooks the circus, tells me she hears the sealions having the best fun in their area of water and certainly they looked happy to perform at this outdoor event.

First and last of the animals. Tomorrow - the bikers!

As an aside, and a very important one, Prince Albert has sent two leopards from the Monaco Zoo to the Born Free reserve in South Africa. There have been endless complaints over the years about the poor conditions in the zoo. I believe Virginia McKenna, from the Born Free foundation, campaigned for years to get the place closed, but in Prince Rainier's years, nothing was done. An elephant died, as well as a white tiger last summer and finally, at last, the zoo, as it was will come to an end. There is still a hippopotamus and a dromedary but presumably these will find a new home too.

Prince Albert plans a farm for children where they can come and see and pat donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits etc. A far better idea. Good for the Prince!


TeamSplashi said...

Nice photo of the "blues brother`s".


Ming the Merciless said...

The sealions are probably socialized to appreciate human attentions, or gifts of fish from the trainer every time they perform a trick.

Southern Heart said...

The sealions here always seem very happy to be doing what they're doing, too (your post made me think about it more...I'll be even more attentive on my next visit to their show).

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I don't go to zoos or circuses because of the animals too Jilly. It just breaks my heart to the point of tears.

I'm especially glad to hear that Prince Albert is doing some good in this area. I hope the animals will be happy in their new homes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, much better idea than a zoo. Especially as it is so crowded there.

kuanyin333 said...

I quite agree with what you wrote here. That's why I don't go to circus's or zoos.

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