23 May 2008

Monaco Grand Prix - How Much?

Yes, it's the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. The harbour is choc a bloc with yachts, there isn't a hotel room to be had for miles. You can pay up to 150,000 euros for a villa for a week in Cap Ferrat. If you stay in an hotel in Monaco you have to stay for three or four nights and if you don't, then you pay anyway. Prices can be up to 12,000 euros for three nights. A suite at the Fairmont - dig deep - it will cost you 160,000 euros.

Many people who rent or own apartments along the race track rent their apartments and balconies to corporations for a fortune for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the race, making around 28,000 euros during those three days. Big companies reward their best employees by flying them to Monaco for what is without doubt the greatest of all the Formula 1 Grand Prix races, run as it is through the streets of the Prncipality. Renting at Grand Prix time in Monaco often pays the yearly rental. There are strict rules tho. Only a certain number of people per square metre are allowed on each balcony - this for saftey reasons. The highest rental being paid for this weekend's Grand Prix - for 30 privileged people - 50,000 euros.

Other residents simply leave the Principality - they can't stand the noise.

Prices in the stands range from 70 euros to 420 euros. And the cheapest way to see the Monaco Grand Prix? Come into Monaco on the bus or train (you'd not get a car near the place anyway) and then pay 40 euros to sit on the grassy slope below le Rocher.

(I've had no telephone or internet connection for two days - France Telecom tell me it'll not be up for a few days. Some problem between my house and the road. Grrrrrrr. Am posting from a cyber cafe - very sorry but can't comment for the moment but thank you so much for your comments. Will catch up as soon as poss).


bitingmidge said...


I can barely afford to read the prices!

Perhaps if I time things right, I'll take your tip next year!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Jim Klenke said...

I would sit on the slope just to watch.

Unknown said...

Another option would be to come and stay with you for the week!

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