14 May 2008

Grand Prix Historique - Race Day - 3

So many different cars - here's one beauty. I think it's a Mercedes SSK from around 1925 - 29 but if someone corrects me and tells me it's a Bugatti, I'd not be surprised.There were 230 cars at the Grand Prix Historique - some in races, some simply driven around the track in display.

In the smaller photo you see cars lining up for a race. The green car below is, I believe, a 1961 Lotus 21. In another race, Stirling Moss was driving a 1950 Fraser Nash Le Mans Replica Mk1.

After the race, and after a long walk, then a bus journey to pick up my car in Menton (you can't get near to Monaco with your own car on race days), I was listening to Riviera Radio on the way home and apparently one of the cars - a Jaguar - is worth £2,000,000!

(Thankyou so much for everyone who has visited. Apologies for not commenting over the last few days. I'm in Turin - which is fabulous! - home by the weekend)


Marlow Traore said...

The Pope drives this ancient car, very cool

Chuck Pefley said...

Jilly, what an absolutely grand series of photos over the past few days of this event. Loved seeing the race on the screen with the city as backdrop. Stunning.

Hope you're having a great time in Turin.


Unknown said...

Keep em coming. Hope you're enjoying your 'pit stop' in Turin. Any fab cars there?

Anonymous said...

Great set of images. Hopefully you will be able to take some at the Grand Prix to post.

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