20 September 2008

Monaco Red Cross

This sculpture stands in the grounds of the Croix Rouge Monaco - the Monaco Red Cross. There's no indication of the name of the sculptor or the name of the piece. Presumably - a nurse and child.


D-C said...

The simplicity of the statue against the leaves makes this a very nice picture.

Laurie Allee said...

There is such a poignancy to that sculpture. I like it. And your shot with the dappled light adds to the melancholy feeling. Lovely, Jilly.

Eki said...

I like how this sculpture is placed amidst the green. It makes it even more striking visually.

BTW, thank you for dropping by my blog today and for your kind comment on my 100th post. I appreciate it very much.

Coltrane_lives said...

A nice reminder to help others in need.

Virginia said...

I think this statue is lovely. Simple, elegant.

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