16 November 2008

Eze Village - Keep Out!

So many tourists visit Eze village - hardly suprising as it's so beautiful. This resident is giving due warning that the staircase is private and doesn't lead to a restaurant or a shop.


Kate said...

I'm fascinated by the way the handrailing and the sign are attached to the heavy stone wall. Must not have been an easy task to attach them.

Virginia said...

That's one ugly PRIVE sign. It's probably there for the likes of me. I am a tiny bit nosy! HA Killing time before I leave. Am I a little anxious?YES Talk to you soon I hope.

Small City Scenes said...

Everything is so beautiful and quaint and then even interesting---I guess I would put a private sign out too. MB

USelaine said...

I can see how the public passages and private ones might look the same to visitors unfamiliar with them. I'd be embarrassed to blunder into a private area, so I'd appreciate this guidance.

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