09 November 2008

The Walking Street - the Man who Walks

This carving is by Louis Dollé, a sculptor who lives in Nice. I couldn't get far enough away to photograph it properly - so you get the foot apart from the man. Don't you love the detail?

Do click on the link as you'll see a better photograph of this sculpture and many more of this talented artist's work.


Virginia said...

What a great piece of sculpture. I just can't imagine seeing all this wonderful art all over your city like this. Amazing.

Small City Scenes said...

Walking man's foot---and walking man--very interesting. MB

Bob Crowe said...

Just looking at the thumbnail made my feet hurt. We have something along the same lines on the sidewalk in front of my office building. Ours is a little more whimsical. See. http://saintlouismodailyphoto.blogspot.com/2008/02/walking-figure.html .

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