13 February 2009

The National Museum - the Dolls

The exhibition has dozens of beautiful doll displays, not to mention the automatons which we'll see another day. Here you see bodies and heads of the dolls before they are dressed.

The doll collection assembled by Madeleine de Galéa is homogeneous and apart from a few 18th century wooden dolls, clothed in muslin dresses, the collection joins together works from the mid-19th century, with heads in composite material and bodies made of skin, which are sometimes called 'Pauline' by collctors. These dolls boast heads of shiny porcelain or biscuit (matt porcelain), the production of which took over from polished porcelain.


Vanessa Bates said...

Like i said the other day...my daughter would love to go there. She collects dolls and that would be heaven to her

maria said...

Wow - very interesting!

Sharon said...

Isn't it amazing how dolls have evolved over time? When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a doll with a head made of china. I wanted so badly to play with it but, of course she was afraid I might break it. So, it stayed on it's shelf.

Laurie Allee said...

Okay, so now I'm feeling a little uneasy... (I can only handle dolls in small doses!)

Great shot, Jilly. Even though it freaks me out! :-)

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