29 March 2009

Shaped on a Thigh

Old roof tiles on a small garden shack on Boulevard de Jardin Exotique - the Virginia creeper letting us know spring is really here. Original roof tiles, such as these, were made by shaping the clay around a curved surface, such as a log or often the maker's own thigh.

We'll be visiting Monaco's famous Jardin Exotique soon.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

we love this shot, almost as much as you "Reflection" pic {gorgeous}, and in some ways we love it more.

if pressed,
we'd say its the honesty of it.

the contrast of leaf/stone/wood/metal;

the brittlness of dried vines/the freshness of new green.

and the color not gaudy yet crisp;
in particular the silver on the bottom 2x4 just a hint, enough to rebalance towards the diagonal.

good shot, don't know if it was meant to be as such, but luvitt nonetheless.

can we say: Desktop Wallpaper!?!


B SQUARED said...

I have a barrel tile roof myself. Hard to find replacement tiles when needed. The best roof for our climate.

Sharon said...

I had no idea roof tiles were made like that but it makes sense!

Sally said...

Interesting, and most common-sensical. This photo looks like something from Gorbio or Roquebrune rather than the usual MC. Love it!

Irina said...

You know, it's so romantic! Colours, rough texture... mmmm...

Carraol said...

Beautiful and quiet composition, love the mood of the light and colors!

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