21 March 2009

Victor Vasarély

Victor Vasarély (1906 - 1997) was a French Hungarian-born artist often acclaimed as the father of Op-art.

This is the roof of the Congress Centre on Avenue Princesse Grace and is part of what was once known as Loew's Hotel. (Some hotels have a habit of changing names - and presumably owners - in Monaco). The work is called Hexagrace - Le Ciel, la Mer, la Terre.' (Sky, Sea and Earth) The Fondation Vasarély in Aix-en-Provence was responsible for its execution.


USelaine said...

I like it. At first, I was hoping it was a swimming or wading pool.

Carraol said...

Beautiful, Vasarély and the horizon, just great! Is one of the greatest of S. XX.

B SQUARED said...

I wish there was more of this on buildings. It adds so much.

Sharon said...

When I first opened this I thought it might be a very colorful helicoptor port. This is quite striking.

Virginia said...

It looks like the pattern blocks designs my grandchildren like to make. This is just beautiful!!

Unknown said...

A Vasarély roof! It's the 1st time I see it, it's fantastic!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Ehm... Naughty fab, at first I thought it's an heliport. (Sorry Mr. Vasarély)

James Tilson said...

Great pic, well done.

Here's something fun, did you take these pictures?




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