15 November 2009

Café de Paris - the Seafood Servery

Outside the Café de Paris. The waiter stands outside the window from which seafood is served - lobsters, langoustines, oysters, sea urchins, prawns etc. The people you see sitting are taking simply a coffee or a cold drink.

Lunch is served either inside the restaurant with its beautiful Art Nouveau panels or in an area along from here and much further back.

These are a few of the many good 'people-watching' tables - one of the pleasures of taking a coffee in Monaco.


Leif Hagen said...

Looks like a great place for food and drink and people watching! Wish I were seated at that table!

Sharon said...

It's very Parisian!

Virginia said...

I'd like to sip a glass right there and enjoy the people going by, then move to the back for some oysters!!

Marie-Noyale said...

J'adore l'uniforme des garçons de café ou de brasseries.
Tu vas nous faire faire un petit tour a l'interieur?..

Jilly said...

Marie-Noyale, I did put some photos of the interior on the blog about two years ago - my old camera! I must take more another time and will do so. Good idea.

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