20 November 2009

Where's the Chocolate?

Wot, no chocolate on my cappuccino?

This is Lou, the French bulldog who belongs to Mister Brian - owner of Monaco's best known delicatessen. They are taking a coffee by the port - or rather Lou is allowed to taste Mister Brian's cappuccino - and yes, she's already had the chocolate - off the spoon, of course. Not that Brian would mind sharing the cup with Lou - he's besotted.

Lou is celebrated in Monaco - she's appeared in a book about the Principality and if you saw Piers Morgan's television programme you will have seen him interview Mister Brian - and Lou.

And remember when Lou was stolen? If not, you can read about it by clicking on the link.


Glennis said...

Spoiled dog to get the chocolate and off the spoon!

Gunn said...

Big :-) from the north!
I think Lou is sooooo cute!!

have a nice weekend!:-)

Leif Hagen said...

Indeed, that's one spoiled doggie! I'm looking forward to my French pastry and coffee at our local "Pardon my French" cafe' this morning!

Kate said...

They're my kind of people!

Wanna meet a famous American writer?
Visit my blog today (11/20)!

Virginia said...

Leif, Pardon My French is a fabulous name for a coffee shop!!! :)

Jilly, I want to give Lou a big smooch. What a cutie. You made me smile this morning!

maria said...

Lou is quite a character!
And famous too! He should have his own blog....

Frank said...

Absolutely wonderful shots of a love affair in action. Share my chocolate? Sure, drink the cappuccino, too. Why not.

Love it. The dog theft story is hilarious (because it turned out OK) but I think Lou has the perfect master and Brian has an incredibly adorable companion. What a face on Lou!!

Sharon said...

How cut is that?

Anonymous said...

I thought chocolate was like poison for dogs?

Jilly said...

Anonymous, I knew someone would ask about the chocolate and it being poisonous for dogs! You are absolutely right but there is so little sprinkled on top of a coffee, it wouldn't hurt her. I've known dogs steal a box of chocolates and be perfectly OK but yes, en principe, it's really dangerous and you should never give chocolates - or grapes - to dogs.

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